Hi folks. I had a great time earlier this month discussing philosophy and philosophers on the internet with Leigh Johnson, Richard Lee, and Charles Peterson on their podcast, Hotel Bar Sessions (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and everywhere else). This team knows how to put together a well-produced show and structure a group conversation that makes for a good listen, and I think a lot of you will enjoy the episode I was on, which was released today.
In today’s irony report, Daily Nous editor Justin Weinberg, who mere days ago announced he would be taking a break from the website, has returned to it to post about, of all things, philosophers on the internet.

In it, we talk about the various ways philosophy is online and how philosophers use the internet, what’s good and bad about the internet in regards to philosophy, how philosophers act—and should act—on social media, the extent to which philosophers need to be online for professional advancement, who is doing good work online, and more. Check it out! (And feel free to comment here about it).

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