Snuggle with soft bedding for up to 25% off at Cozy Earth – CNET

Photos by Cozy Earth/Composite by Robin Mosley/CNET

You know there is nothing more special than staying at home under the covers and watching a movie with someone you love. But what really seals the deal is having the right kind of sleepwear and bedding to make you feel cozy and warm. And if you’ve been looking for the right option to make your Valentine’s Day more comfortable, Cozy Earth has the right deal for you with up to 25% off sitewide.  What you’ll find during this deal are bamboo pajamas, comforters, women’s and men’s clothing and my favorite Cozy Earth bamboo sheets. Here’s the deal. If you have never had the opportunity to sleep on quality sheets in your life, maybe it’s time to invest in it. I have Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets and I’ve never slept better. No sweating, no itchy skin and no discomfort. This is what you’ll experience if you get try these sheets out. And if you want even more products to make your home comfy, you’ll find everything you need here to channel your inner coach potato.