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Until Apple’s marquee event in the fall, the name of the upcoming iPhone family is anyone’s guess. Many are wondering: Will the company stick to a sequential naming scheme this year? Here at CNET, we’ve been referring to the next flagship as the iPhone 13 for the sake of continuity, but a wave of reports suggest that it may not be Apple’s moniker of choice.
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The name iPhone 13 can be bad for optics

But if other reports are accurate, there won’t be an iPhone 13 hitting shelves next year either: Apple is expected to leapfrog to an iPhone 14 in 2022, excluding “iPhone 13” from its nomenclature altogether. Here’s why. 
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iphone x iphone 8 8 plus
iphone x iphone 8 8 plus
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iPhone 12S paves the way for a big upgrade

The iPhone X (center), launched in 2017 alongside the iPhone 8 (left) and iPhone 8 Plus (right).
Until Apple’s fall event, there are no guarantees about what name will get slapped onto this year’s iPhone. But if you’re interested in learning more about what we’re expecting from the Phone 13, or ahem, iPhone 12S family, read our roundup of some of the juiciest iPhone rumors
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