Elon Musk explains what happened to Tesla Model Y Standard Range – Roadshow

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.

CEO Elon Musk himself provided an explanation Monday evening after a Twitter user asked the Tesla boss what’s going on. In Musk’s words, “it’s still available off menu.” If that approach sounds familiar, it’s because Tesla used it with the infamous “,000 Model 3.” After some hoopla and fanfare welcoming the affordable EV’s arrival, the electric sedan disappeared from the online configurator and became available for order by phone or in person. Effectively, Tesla didn’t want to sell the particular version of the Model 3. Today, it’s gone altogether.

If you’re hoping for a reprieve in the form of a cheaper Model Y Long Range RWD, Musk shot that idea down in a followup tweet saying there’s “too much product complexity” in Tesla’s lineup as it stands. So, if you want a cheap Model Y, pick up the phone or head to a Tesla retail store. You won’t see the company making any effort to sell the ,990 electric SUV outright.
It’s just Tesla being Tesla again.
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It is still available off menu, but I don’t think the range, in many drive conditions, yet meets the Tesla standard of excellence