Month: October 2021

How Can Departments Support Grad Students in Labor Disputes?

In anticipation of the strikes, the Department of Philosophy at the university announced that it’s moving its annual Whitehead Lecture series, scheduled to begin October 29th, off-campus, at least for the 1st of the two

Prop gun kills cinematographer on set of Alec Baldwin’s Rust – CNET

Baldwin’s representatives didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for AMC Networks Explore movies, games, superheroes and more with CNET Culture. Delivered Tuesdays and Fridays. “We have halted production

New Plug-In Improves the SEP Experience

And here’s dark mode: Here’s the “after” (yes, I installed it): moves each article’s navigation outline to the side of the page (it stays with you as you move through the article) offers the option

Which Philosopher Co-Authors Most?

Each of these might yield different rankings (the top W philosopher might have written many works with the same partner; the top A philosopher may have written one work with many co-authors; the top D

100-million-year old crab trapped in amber rewrites ancient crustacean history – CNET

DNA analysis suggested that, perhaps, land-based crabs may have diverged from their ancestors some 125 million years ago. That makes Cretapsara an important find, potentially bridging the evolutionary gap between marine and non-marine crabs. Because

Kinship: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Love Poem to Trees, the Interleaving of Life and Death, and the Eternal Flame of Being

The forest, this place of constant change that feels somehow atemporal, an everlasting Yes! to life echoed by an ungrudging and vibrant Yes! to death — a place where one feels most intimately the elemental

How (Not) to Love: Breaking Our Patterns to Unbreak Our Hearts, or, Chekhov’s Insight into the Most Disquieting and Liberating Truth about Love

We see Olenka’s mode of loving, from one angle, as a beautiful thing: in that mode, the self disappears and all that remains is affectionate, altruistic regard for the beloved. From another angle, we see

Photos of Philosophers

You can view more of Keiko Ikeuchi’s photography here. Adrian Moore. Photo by Keiko Ikeuchi. The Institute for Ethics in AI are particularly keen to feature humanistic imagery to counter some of the stereotypes that

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS sets impressive ‘Ring time ahead of November debut – Roadshow

How awesome? Well, ahead of the GT4 RS’ official debut, Porsche took a nearly completed prototype to Germany’s infamous Nurburgring to set a lap time. In the hands of Porsche development driver Jörg Bergmeister, the

New Series on David Lewis from Hi-Phi Nation (guest post)

The newest season of Hi-Phi Nation, the popular philosophy podcast hosted by Barry Lam (Vassar College), is a four-part series on the work and life of  philosopher David Lewis. Yet, Steffi categorized him as a