Verizon offering up to $200 off the Apple Watch 7 with a trade in – CNET

Apple Watch series 7
But, as with any deal, you need to read the fine print before you buy. The main catch with this offer is that you’ll have to spring for an LTE-enabled model, which costs 0 more than the GPS-only version. And you’ll have to set up Verizon service for the watch, which will add to your monthly Verizon bill.

On the upside, Verizon appears to be giving the full 0 credit for all versions of the Apple Watch, even the now 5-year-old original version, assuming the watches are in good condition. So if you’ve got one buried in a drawer somewhere, this might actually be a deal worth taking Verizon up on.
Preorders for the Apple Watch Series 7 kicked off Friday morning, and the smartwatches will reach stores on Oct. 15. And with its starting price of 9, 0 off may seem like a great deal.

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Verizon is offering up to 0 off the new Apple Watch with a trade-in.
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Looking to upgrade your Apple Watch? Verizon will give you up to 0 off the Apple Watch 7 if you trade in your older version and buy a new one from them.