In lieu of a guest post today, I’m sharing a few questions from from Daily Nous readers. Perhaps you can help with answers…

  1. A friend of mine has a physical condition which makes it impossible for her to attend actual classes. She has been trying to find an online graduate program in philosophy. I was wondering if you have a list of such programs or, if not, would you be able to ask your weblog readers if they know of such programs?
  2. I’d love to see some a post on Daily Nous offering or soliciting philosophers’ perspectives on cannabis use. There’s a ton of buzz about the use of psychedelics or casual drinking, but not much discussion on how philosopher’s use cannibas for medicinal, creative, or spiritual purposes—anywhere. I think seeing discussion of it on this platform would help break some of the stigma that is still associated with cannabis use.
  3. In your appearance on an episode of Hotel Bar Sessions, you and one of the hosts, Leigh Johnson, disagree over the extent to which philosophers have to be online in order to succeed in the profession. I think this is a subject worth getting input on from a broader range of philosophers. Would you consider a post asking about it at Daily Nous?
  4. Fellow academic philosophers, do you leverage your education and training in philosophy to supplement your income as a faculty member? If so, how? What do you do? [asked by Moti Mizrahi on Twitter; shared with permission]
  5. I’ve found in my teaching that sharing clips of or borrowing/adapting jokes from comedians can help in getting students interested in and understanding certain philosophical ideas, and I’d like to increase my store of material. Could you ask DN readers to share clips of comedians doing particularly philosophical bits? [Please include a line about what you take the philosophical content to be.]

Four of them were emailed in, and one I saw on Twitter this morning and thought would be worth asking. Answers and discussion welcome. (Questions are numbered to make it easy to indicate which question you’re responding to.)

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