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Purrble Sproutel
Purrble is made by the health and research company Sproutel. I first learned of the Rhode Island-based company when it teamed up with the insurance company Aflac to create the My Special Aflac Duck which is part toy, part robot and part medical device designed to help children facing cancer. My Special Aflac Duck was adorable, and unlike any other therapy device I had encountered.

Sproutel worked with the Committee for Children, a nonprofit specializing in social-emotional learning to develop Purrble. One inspiration behind the interactive toy was a fidget spinner. Designers at Sproutel wondered if they could make a fidget toy that would help kids calm down and teach them how to manage their own emotions over time.
Purrble Sproutel

Purrble looks kind of like a cross between a koala bear and the gopher from Caddyshack. It’s about the size of a softball and is ridiculously soft. I’m pretty sure whatever material its furry coat is made of would make a very comfortable sweater. Purrble makes sounds that remind me of Gizmo from The Gremlins. When it’s happy, Purrble will even coo and purr. And while the box says it’s for ages 3 to 103 (sorry, all of you 104 year-olds out there), it really seems aimed at kids in kindergarten and elementary school.
To learn more about Purrble, check out its website.

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The Purrble is a toy designed to help kids control their emotions and anxiety.