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The Pokemon Company

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The Pokemon series is celebrating its anniversary on Feb. 27, and in the run up to that date, The Pokemon Company is making a different Pokemon-related announcement each day. Pokemon Sword and Shield, for instance, are holding a special Gigantamax raid event until Feb. 27.

Perhaps most notably, the update also takes aim at hacked Pokemon. According to the patch notes on Nintendo’s support website, Pokemon “acquired via unintended methods or illicit modification” can no longer be traded or used in battles against other players. You can view the full patch notes for the update below.
The new version 1.2.0 patch expands the Union Room’s capacity, increasing the number of players who are able to join it, either locally or online, to eight. Additionally, the update now lets players show off their Trainer Cards and capsule decorations, as well as set custom rules when battling others in the Colosseum.
A new update is now live for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, improving the games’ multiplayer features and addressing hacked Pokemon.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl ver. 1.2.0 patch notes

  • Union Room functions have been expanded.
    • The maximum number of players you can play with via local or internet communication in Union Rooms has been increased. Also, by selecting Greeting or Capsule Decorations, you can show each other your Trainer Cards or Capsule Decorations.
  • Additional Colosseum battle feature has been added.
    • Enter the Colosseum on the 2nd floor of a Pokémon Center to battle with other players using custom rulesets.
    • In the Colosseum, you can set rules, such as the number of Pokémon to send into battle as well as their levels, and play Single Battles, Double Battles, or Multi Battles via local or internet communication.
  • Pokémon Trading and Battles
    • Some Pokémon acquired via unintended methods or illicit modification now cannot be used in Link Trades or Link Battles.
  • Fixed some issues for more pleasant gameplay.