• Philosophers On The Russian Attack On Ukraine — commentary from Saba Bazargan-Forward, Jovana Davidovic, Christopher J. Finlay, and Helen Frowe. (Spanish translation. Czech translation.)
  • Commentary from several philosophers on various aspects of the Russian attack on Ukraine — including Janina Dill, Helen Frowe, Jeff McMahan, Massimo Renzo, Zofia Stemplowska, and Elad Uzan (text)
  • Philosophers discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine at Oxford — with Jeff McMahan, Janina Dill, Helen Frowe, Massimo Renzo, Zofia Stemplwoska, and Elad Uzan (video)
  • “Hope is needed most exactly when the world looks hopeless” — Lea Ypi (LSE) on hope, humanity, Russia, Ukraine, and what can be learned from Kant’s Perpetual Peace
  • Ukraine, Russia, and philosophy — philosopher Michelle Panchuk (Murray State), who has lived in Ukraine and has family there, is interviewed by J. Aaron Simmons (Furman) on the conflict and its lessons
  • “This is a threat to all of us” — Jeff McMahan (Oxford) interviewed about the Russian attack on Ukraine

Discussions, links, suggestions welcome. This post is for the discussion of various aspects of Russia’s war on Ukraine, as well as links to various materials, including (but not limited to) commentary from philosophers and other scholars, interviews and news reports of interest, resources for following developments, measures taken to assist Ukrainian scholars and others, and so on. Here are some links to commentary by philosophers:
Philosophy-related support and assistance:
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