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— Jessica DolcourtThat being said, let’s have a look at what we use to relieve some pressure.
Almost every modern job comes with aches and pains. Whether you’re in the trades or you sit behind a desk, some part of your body probably hurts when you’ve finished for the day. Lower back and hip pain are common complaints for those of us who spend all day sitting — especially if we aren’t using the best office chair we can. I used a wooden stool for months. Don’t judge me.

Pure Enrichment I suffer from an injury to my sciatic nerve that just loves to flare up when I sit down too much. Working from home, I tend to find myself getting deeply involved in a project and not standing as often as I should, which leads to some pain. When this happens, I know I need to break out my handy Sunbeam heating pad that I’ve had for a few years now.
— James Bricknell

Sunbeam — James Bricknell

Sunbeam During lockdown, I bought one of these for myself to more comfortably work from bed. Then, I got two more to give as gifts to people who didn’t know they needed them. Now I can’t live without this cushy, portable support. 
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My Heating Pad I really should spend the extra money and get a corded heated pad, but I don’t feel like I use it enough to be worthwhile. Whenever I get back pain, I use my microwavable pad to help soothe it. Just pop it into the microwave and let it naturally cool on your body. The rice and flaxseed inside it managed to hold the heat for around 10 minutes, which seems to be long enough for my back to stop hurting. Your results may vary.
While we can’t give you medical advice on this article, the CNET team uses a lot of different measures to help relieve some of the pain. To be clear if you’re experiencing back pain and you don’t know why, you should consult your doctor. Trust me, you do not want to let random pain go untreated for long.

James Martin/CNET — Russell Holly 
It’s super reliable and has multiple temperature settings to control how much heat it lets off. It’s available in a few different sizes, but I picked one of the middle sizes to cover more of my back at once to help relieve my back pain. It has a fabric pad cover, which has stayed clean for the years I’ve used it. 
— Jessica Dolcourt

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