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Birdie and Pubba go on one date.

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We also find out what Bear’s backstory is. When Judy asks her what her real name is, she reveals that it’s Becky, Rebecca Walker, and that her foster parents called her Becky Bear. She also reveals that the Last Men didn’t kill them, it was the Sick, and that her parents had a biological hybrid baby girl who was taken away after they died. Bear’s little sister is swiftly revealed to be Wendy, Aimee’s adopted daughter, who is half-pig and half-human.
Gus is understandably upset to discover his whole life has been a lie. Gus was raised to believe Pubba was his father and Birdie was his mother. It’s revealed in episode 7 that Pubba’s real name is Richard Fox and that he was a janitor at Fort Smith Labs in Colorado. Birdie is really Gertrude and she was a geneticist at Fort Smith who experimented on Gus, whose name is an abbreviation of Genetic Unit Series 1. She and Richard went on one date and, when the military stormed the facility and took her work, Bertie thrust Gus into Richard’s care. While we still don’t know exactly how he came to be, Gus could be the first hybrid to exist. When Dr. Singh sees Gus for the first time, he notes that he’s older than the others.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Who’s the narrator?

When Jepperd finds Gus by the crashed plane, he admits a difficult truth about his past. That he and his wife had a child, but when Jepperd discovered his son was a black sheep hybrid, he freaked out and ran for it. Even though he quickly changed his mind and returned to his family in the hospital, they had already been removed. It was Jepperd’s guilt that initially fueled him to help Gus.

Where did Gus come from?


The distinct gravelly tones narrating this modern fairytale belong to actor James Brolin (Josh Brolin’s dad), best known for the films Skyjacked (1972), Westworld (1973) and Traffic (2000). Despite being a constant presence in the series, the narrator doesn’t appear as a character and there’s no explanation for who he is, at least not in season 1. Maybe we’ll never know and he’s simply a component of a well-told fairytale.

What’s the connection between the virus and the hybrids?

If you’ve just finished the heartfelt fairytale that is Netflix’s Sweet Tooth, then it’s time to delve into what it all means. The timely themes, exploring fear of the other and vigilantes, make Sweet Tooth resonate more than ever in the current moment. Where could the show go next? Will it have a second season? What are the origins of the virus that sent the world crumbling? Let’s dive into all of that and more.

What are the origins of the virus?


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What happened in Jepperd’s backstory?

There are plenty of cliffhangers, including the reveal that Birdie is still alive and well in Alaska, likely working to find a cure. Meanwhile, Jepperd and Aimee must put a plan together to save the hybrid children Dr. Singh is being forced to experiment on. Plus, there’s a chance Jepperd will be reunited with his son, who could be the black sheep hybrid at The Preserve. There’s also a new wave of the Sick coming to deal with, according to General Abbot and his “ears on the coast”.

What’s Bear’s real name?

There are only small hints at this point. Judy, Birdie’s best friend, says of the virus and the hybrids, “I once heard [Birdie] say they were two sides of the same coin.” Judy reveals to Bear that “Gus was all Birdie” and that Fort Smith wasn’t just about him. It was about the virus, aka H5G9, aka the Sick, too. Another piece of the puzzle: Based on his age, Gus could have been born roughly one year before the virus hit.

Will there be a second season?

The origins of the virus are left ambiguous at the end of season 1. But if you’re after some answers now, you can head here for comic book spoilers. Note: The Netflix adaptation has already deviated in significant ways from Jeff Lemire’s original comic.

What could happen in season 2?

Jepperd’s black sheep hybrid son.