Summer 2022 Programs in Philosophy for Graduate Students and/or PhDs

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Journal of the History of Philosophy Summer Seminar: Kantian Epistemologies
Dates: July 11 – July 15, 2022
Location: Princeton University
Contact: Mariska Leunissen ([email protected])
Deadline: February 15
Description:  Most discussions of Kant’s epistemology focus on his famous arguments regarding knowledge of space and time, the categories and principles of pure understanding, and the limits of speculative knowledge. In this seminar, we will look at the theory of assent, justification, knowledge, and faith found in the Canon of Pure Reason chapter at the end of the first Critique as well as in the logic lectures. The goal is to understand these underdiscussed aspects of Kant’s theory of mind, knowledge, and faith, and to grasp how they fit into the overall critical project. We will also consider a few key contemporary efforts in broadly Kantian epistemology. Instructor: Andrew Chignell (Princeton University)
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