Philosopher Wins $300K Grant For “Good Life” Project With Bronx Teens

Stephen R. Grimm, professor of philosophy at Fordham University, has been awarded a 0,000 grant to support a summer program in philosophy for high school students in the Bronx.
The program, “Visions of the Good in the Bronx” will introduce 15 juniors in high school in the borough to college-level work in the humanities focused on questions such as “How should I live?”, “What should I value?”, and “What do we owe to each other?” Students will be provided with on-campus housing as part of the free program and are paid a stipend for participating. After the program, students will take part in a year-long mentoring program to help prepare them for college.
The grant funding the program is from the Teagle Foundation‘s “Knowledge for Freedom” initiative.
What we’re going to do in this seminar is look at what different philosophers, different traditions, different cultures have said about the good life… And what’s their vision of the good? So we’re going to look through ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, ancient Chinese philosophy, the Enlightenment, all the way up to 20th-century figures like Martin Luther King, Jr.
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In a press release about the program, Professor Grimm describes the program:

The deadline for applications to the program is March 25th. You can learn more it here.