Summer 2022 Programs in Philosophy for Undergraduates

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Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy: Parts and Wholes
Dates: June 5 – June 24, 2022
Location: Boulder, Colorado (or on Zoom, if unable to hold event in person in Boulder)
Contact: David Boonin [email protected]
Deadline: March 1 (review of applications begins)
Description: The Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy is intended for outstanding advanced undergraduates who are considering graduate school in philosophy. The aim is to introduce students to the atmosphere of a graduate-level seminar, giving them a chance to explore their philosophical abilities and interests before they commit to a graduate program. The topic for the 2022 Summer Seminar is “Parts and Wholes.” Each class session will focus on a subject related to this topic, understood broadly to include issues involving individuals and groups. Depending on your point of view, the seminar will either be team taught by at least ten individual faculty members or taught from start to finish by a single entity composed of at least ten faculty members. Either way, it will cover a variety of historical and contemporary issues. Subjects likely to be covered include:
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Class sessions will be supplemented by a variety of extracurricular events, including talks on additional subjects and workshops on such topics as women in philosophy and how to apply to graduate school.
Further information:

  • Plato on Justice in the Individual and the City
  • Marx on Individual and Class Interests
  • The Metaphysics of Parts and Wholes
  • The Moral Mathematics of Parts and Wholes
  • The Aesthetics of Parts and Wholes
  • Quantum Mechanics and Entanglement
  • The Ethics of Racial Profiling
  • The Sorites Paradox
  • Intergenerational Ethics
  • The Existence and Nature of Sets
  • Group Minds
  • Social Epistemology
  • Parts, Wholes, and Well-Being

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