Bye for now.

(Please note that comments requiring moderator approval may, during this period, take longer than usual to appear, as I will not be on the site as much.)

I’ve been running Daily Nous for over 8 years with very few pauses. Maintaining the site consumes a fair amount of my time, energy, and attention. In part that’s a function of its success, and I feel quite fortunate to be able provide something that so many of my colleagues in philosophy find useful. But I also feel that I need a break from it—for various reasons, including that I have other things I’d like to work on.
I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Do me a favor and don’t do anything newsworthy until I’m back, ok?

  • one post each week, published Tuesdays, by different guest authors
  • monthly “news share” posts on which people can comment to share news items or material elsewhere about which there might have normally been a DN post or link added to the Heap, and
  • monthly updates regarding new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and reviews of philosophy books.

I’m very grateful to the philosophers who have agreed to write guest posts this summer. They are helping me take this quasi-hiatus from DN, and I am sure they will provide you all with plenty to think and talk about.
In mid-August, Daily Nous will resume daily postings about news and issues in academic philosophy, along with its regular features, like the comics, weekly updates, and mini-heaps.
So, starting today and continuing through mid-August, Daily Nous will be a bit different. During this period, instead of the regular supply of news, updates, ideas, and links offered up each weekday, there will be:
Dear Readers,
[J. Weinberg]

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