New: The British Society for the Theory of Knowledge

The management committee is:
The society aims to provide

The British Society for the Theory of Knowledge (BSTK) is a new organization “dedicated to furthering philosophical research in epistemology.”

Executive Director: Christoph Kelp (Glasgow)
Equality and Diversity Officer: Mona Simion (Glasgow)
Treasurer: Adam Carter (Glasgow)
Alexander Bird (Cambridge)
Paul Faulkner (Sheffield)
Alison Hills (Oxford)
Clayton Littlejohn (Kings)
Richard Pettigrew (Bristol)
Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge)
Martin Smith (Edinburgh)
Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff)
Daniel Whiting (Southampton)
Timothy Williamson (Oxford)
BSTK is run by a management committee and supported and overseen by a president and a scientific board. For the current term (which runs through 2023), the president is Jessica Brown (St. Andrews).
The scientific committee is:
a forum for the communication of research in the theory of knowledge aimed at stimulating scientific debate and improving the public understanding of the theory of knowledge, through a programme of conferences and meetings featuring contributions by academics working in the theory of knowledge. 
BSTK will be holding its inaugural conference this coming September. Information about membership is here.