New Editorial Team at Philosophia

The journal Philosophia, which has been published continuously since 1972, is pleased to announce a new Editorial Staff effective 1 September, 2022:
• Mitch Green (Connecticut), Editor-in-Chief;
• Emma Gordon (Glasgow), Associate Editor;
• Iris Vidmar Jovanović (Rijeka), Associate Editor;
• Jan Michel (Düsseldorf), Associate Editor;
• Linda Radzik (Texas A&M), Associate Editor;
• Kaley Rittichier (Connecticut), Managing Editor.
Longtime Editor Asa Kasher will remain as Co-Editor-in-Chief with Mitch Green until stepping down at the end of 2022, and Associate Editor Amir Horowitz will remain in that position until the end of 2022. It is expected that two more Associate Editors will be appointed in the coming months. Philosophia remains a general philosophy journal and welcomes broadly accessible submissions on all topics of current philosophical interest. Philosophia will continue to commission Author-Meets-Critics symposia, and starting in 2023 will commission state-of-the art essays accessible to a wide audience. Due to the growing number of high-quality submissions, the journal has moved from publishing four issues per year to five. For more information, please visit Philosophia’s homepage, or contact Mitch Green ([email protected]).
Professor Green writes:
In the wake of controversies over Philosophia‘s publishing of articles on “Jewish Influence” (see here), its editor’s decisions regarding referees (see here), and its editorial processes (see here), the journal’s publisher, Springer, has brought on a new editor.
Mitchell Green, professor of philosophy at the University of Connecticut, will be taking over the journal as editor-in-chief, replacing Asa Kasher (Tel Aviv), who (according to his website) has run the journal for over 50 years.