New Site for Publicly Commenting on Philosophy Papers

You’ll see that, like every paper at PhilPapers and PhilArchive, this one has an ID. It appears in the web address for the article, and is also listed near the end of its PhilArchive entry.
A pair of philosophers have developed what they call “the first centralized forum for discussion of all papers uploaded on PhilArchive and PhilPapers.”
How does it work? Suppose you are over at PhilArchive, checking out an article like this one:

In some academic disciplines, publication and discussion of articles before journal submission is generally much more widespread than in philosophy. Indeed, most journal publishing houses are publicly committed to considering pre-archived papers for publication. You can double-check this for your journal of choice here. Philosophers already can make their pre-prints publicly available at any point on at least one pre-print repository: However, currently existing web platforms for public discussion of scientific pre-prints (e.g. cannot be used to discuss PhilArchive-d papers. So, we have created a website that allows anyone to comment freely on papers present on PhilArchive and/or PhilPapers.
Perhaps you’ve read the paper and want to leave a public comment, or are curious what others have had to say about it. If so, go over to Freelosophy and type the ID into the search bar and click “search.”
Contesi and Pietroiusti say that they welcome feedback on the site. Freelosophy is brand new, so there aren’t a lot of paper comments there just yet. You can make it more useful by visiting it and trying it out yourself, here.

Any comments on that article will show up, along with an “add a comment” link, like so:

“Freelosophy” is a new site that allows visitors to look up papers by their PhilPapers or PhilArchive ID, leave a comment about them, and read the comments left by others. It was created by Filippo Contesi and Giulio Pietroiusti (University of Barcelona), who write in: