New: Annals of Mathematics and Philosophy

In a recent announcement, the editors write:
A new journal, The Annals of Mathematics and Philosophy, will soon be releasing its first issue.
The journal wants to promote works at the interface of philosophy and mathematics; it is open to all philosophical and methodological approaches, in particular it is open to papers written by mathematicians. It also welcomes papers from historical and pedagogical standpoints. Its goal is to publish innovative works in philosophy of mathematics, especially contemporary mathematics, but not exclusively. It wants to foster common works and reflections by philosophers and mathematicians. It seeks to promote studies on the interactions and applications of mathematics, for instance in biology, chemistry, computer science and artificial intelligence, physics, cognitive sciences, social sciences, humanities and education. Finally, it will try to edit and publish unpublished papers or papers that are difficult to access,… translations,… [and] significant testimonies by mathematicians, even though the latter might not be strictly speaking philosophical analyses. 

The journal will be partially multilingual:
The editors-in-chief of The Annals of Mathematics and Philosophy are Jean-Pierre Marquis (University of Montreal) and Frédéric Patras (CNRS) and its editorial director is Victor Rabiet (Université Gustave Eiffel).

You can learn more about the new journal here.
The journal, published by Spartacus IDH, will be open-access and publish two issues each year.
We invite submissions of high-quality articles in any area of philosophy of mathematics written in  English, French, German, Italian and Spanish for the open issue right now. A translation into English of the papers submitted in one of the other indicated languages will have to be made available. It is the responsibility of the authors to make the translation. The online version of the journal will give access to the two versions of the text, the printed version will be in English.
The inaugural issue will be published in Spring 2022. According to the journal’s website “The issue, by invitation, will give an overview of the major issues open to mathematical philosophy through the testimonies and commitments of personalities representative of the two communities, mathematical and philosophical.”