Mentoring Workshop for Early Career Women in Philosophy

The Mentoring Project Workshop, an initiative of the Women in Philosophy Task Force, aims to provide women in the early stages of their careers in philosophy with feedback on their current work and longterm professional guidance.
Mentees will be assigned a networking group consisting of a mentor and four fellow mentees working in similar fields. Each mentor will provide written feedback on the workshop papers of each mentee and will participate in discussions at the workshop. Mentees will take responsibility for providing written feedback on the papers of their group members and will serve as discussion leader and first reader for one paper and second reader for another. In the long term, group members will actively monitor the progress of each other’s careers, offering philosophical feedback and, in the case of the mentors, advice about professional development along the way.
Currently funded by the Marc Sanders Foundation, the next workshop in the biennial series will take place July 23-25, 2023 at the University of Missouri. Here’s a description of from the organizers:
The directors of the workshop are Susanne Sreedhar (Boston University), Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), and Alice MacLachlan (York University).

While we retain the historic title for this workshop, the directors would like to emphasize it is intended for and inclusive of all women-identified and non-binary early-career post-PhD philosophers… Any woman or non-binary person (including trans-masculine people) entering or holding a faculty position (pre-tenure or contract) in Philosophy at a college or university, or who is unaffiliated, within 10 years of completing their PhD, and continues to engage with professional philosophy. We would especially like to encourage applications from members of groups underrepresented in Philosophy.
Regarding who is eligible to attend, they say:
For more details and instructions on applying, go here.

(via Carol Hay)
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