Don’t judge a book by its cover. Do, however, judge the cover.

Please honor these few requests:

Relatedly, but not the main point: don’t judge the author by the cover of their books, as book design is often not up to the author; do judge the publisher. (Sorry/you’re welcome publisher friends.)
Posting your own book’s cover is allowed, but that doesn’t stop it from being tacky. Better to do that on your own social media when you share this post. (Was that tacky?)
Recently, there was a request to open up a space here for people to post philosophy book covers they really like. Maybe the cover captures the ideas or questions of the book in a particularly interesting or creative way, maybe its just a beautiful image or a striking piece of design work, maybe it’s humorous (intentionally or not), maybe you don’t need me to suggest reasons.
We did this 7 years ago, just a few months into DN’s existence (here). The readership of the site is larger now, and comment functionality has improved, so let’s do it again (feel free to repeat your earlier suggestions on this post, if you’d like, but you’re welcome to add new ones, too).
Philosophers are people, too, and beauty and design are among the many things we should care about, particularly in regard to activities (like work) which take up so much of our time.

  • one book cover per comment, and please don’t submit more than three comments on this post in a single day
  • include an image of the cover; to do this, click the little image icon in the bottom right corner of the comment box
  • include the title and author, and if you know it, the publisher and year

OK, let’s see ’em!
[assorted philosophy book covers from bookworship]
You’re of course welcome to explain what you like about the cover.
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