Gift Guide 2021: A Few of Your Favorite Things

I’ve been producing gift guides at Daily Nous for several years now—see the ones for 2019 or 2018, for example—but I thought I’d do things a bit differently this year.
(We sort of tried this last year, but it was a bit too late in the season to be of much use. I’m hoping that it can be more helpful this time around, despite Hanukah coming—and going—early this year.)

After all, how many times do you need me to recommend things like a space heater for a chilly office, a lap desk for working from a comfy spot at home, a portable video projector, or a good box of pencils?
Though of course the suggestions may be work or philosophy-related, they needn’t be. Philosophers are people, too. You’re welcome to tell us a little about why you’re recommending what you’re recommending, and to include a link with your suggestion.
Also, make sure you check out the gifts available from our Daily Nous Philosophy Comics Artists, about which you can read more here.
What’s something you really like (or want) and would recommend others consider as a gift?

(P.S. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links; purchases made through them support Daily Nous. Thanks!)
Actually, there were a greater variety of things included in the previous guides, but the truth is I do not at the moment have the time to put together a full-blown gift guide. So this time around… well, you’ve heard of a flipped classroom, right? Consider this a flipped gift guide: you make a recommendation.