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Luckily we also have 2/22/22 to get this done! Whew!
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Ignore the missing zeroes, and 2-2-22 is also a palindrome date, because it’s the same forward or backward. Last year, 2021, had a ton of palindrome dates, including Inauguration Day, which was 1-20-21. There was also an eight-digit palindrome in December, 12-02-2021.
The second month of 2022 contains two days with palindromes created from the number two.

Open them on 3-3-33 their Senior year!
As the Farmer’s Almanac notes, there are 10 palindrome dates in February 2022, beginning with 2-2-22 and ending with 2-28-22. Not only that, but one of those very cool dates, 2-22-22, marks the birthdate of first US president, George Washington. And since Washington also was born in a year ending in two (1732), it’s a nice even anniversary number — 290 years since Washington’s birth. It’s almost too much.

If two is your lucky number, Wednesday could be the most amazing day for you … for a little less than three weeks, anyway. Wednesday’s date, Feb. 2, 2022, can be abbreviated as 2-2-22, which is just too-too much synchronicity for pattern-lovers. But things will get two times better in 20 days, when the date flips to 2-22-22 AND falls on a TUE-sday. 
Some companies were offering 2-2-22 deals. On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Zoo tweeted, “TWOmorrow, we’re offering Zoo admission for 2-2-22!”

“f nobody gets me flowers on 2/2/22 or 2/22/22, i’m gonna lose it,” reads a tweet from ColourPop Cosmetics.

First grade teachers.. let your students make time capsules for 2-2-22.
“First grade teachers … let your students make time capsules for 2-2-22, one Twitter user suggested. “Open them on 3-3-33 their senior year!”

if nobody gets me flowers on 2/2/22 or 2/22/22, i’m gonna lose it 😀
And it’s quite likely some special events will be scheduled for Wednesday to take advantage of the memorable date.

Shoutout to all the brides getting married tomorrow on Wednesday just to have their wedding date 2.2.22!
That school project sounds like fun, but even individuals and companies were hoping 2-2-22 turned out to be memorable.