Comesaña & Sartorio from Arizona to Rutgers

(via Susanna Schellenberg)
Professor Comesaña specializes in epistemology. He is the author of Being Rational and Being Right (2020) and the forthcoming Skepticism: The Basics (co-authored with his father, Manuel Comesaña), along with many other works, which you can browse here and here.
Both will take up their positions as full professors at Rutgers in the Fall of 2022.

Professor Sartorio specializes on issues at the intersection of metaphysics, philosophy of action, and moral theory, including topics such as causation, agency, free will, and moral responsibility. She is the author of Causation and Free Will (2016) and papers on a range of subjects, which you can explore here and here.
Juan Comesaña and Carolina Sartorio, both currently professors in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, will be moving to Rutgers University.