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Another luxury hotel-worthy option, the Leesa Legend twin mattress was soft, inviting and had just the right amount of bounce (without being too bouncy). The twin bed mattress has four layers — two layers of springs and two layers of memory foam. The combo provided exceptional body contouring, especially when I was lying on my back. I felt like I was comfortably settling into the twin size mattress, while still feeling supported and aligned.
Buying a twin size mattress is an excellent way to get a Purple Hybrid Premier 3 into your house at a more affordable price. And trust me, you want one of these in your house. Like all mattresses from the Purple mattress brand, the Hybrid Premier 3 is constructed of the signature Purple Grid, a hyper-elastic polyurethane foam that allows the hybrid mattress to move with — and conform to — your body. 

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The Amerisleep AS2 is an excellent twin mattress for back pain. Instead of traditional memory foam, it’s made of Bio-Pur — a proprietary type of memory foam that’s more responsive to movement and body weight. It’s also more airy and breathable. These two things pretty much solve all my qualms with a twin memory foam mattress.

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The organic cotton and wool cover, which is made from recycled water bottles, provided an additional layer of comfort that took it up a notch from the typical memory foam mattress. It felt more like a pillow top, but without the bulky top layer. And it had minimal motion transfer and top notch edge-to-edge support, so even if you migrate toward the edge of the twin bed, you’ll feel comfortable and supported.
A lot of folks think that you need a queen or king mattress to be truly comfortable, but mattress size only matters so much. In fact, as we’ve been researching mattresses, we’ve learned that some of our favorite picks also come in twin size and our favorite twin mattress may change some minds about what a bed needs to be truly comfortable.

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The Helix Midnight LUXE is the perfect “I can’t decide which mattress to buy” mattress. It falls right in the middle of the mattress firmness level scale — it’s firmness level rated a four to seven out of 10 — so it’s designed to please any type of sleeper. The mattress is constructed of a layered combination of high-density memory foam, gel visco and pocketed coil layers that provide equal parts comfort and support.
If it’s time to upgrade to a new mattress, we’re here. Whether you’re looking for a soft mattress with a comfort layer or a firm mattress for pressure relief, we’ve got some guidance for you as you pick the best twin mattress.

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While memory foam does have some body-hugging abilities, the Purple mattress felt the most adaptive of all of the others on the list. It conformed to my body in all of the right places and really provided pressure relief where I needed it most. While there’s no standard twin size available, you can nab a twin XL mattress for a little extra leg room. Read more in our full Purple Hybrid mattress review.

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And that’s not just some fancy lingo. The mattress really did feel cool to the touch and felt light and fresh every time I got it in. It also gave that sought-after zero gravity vibe, which was definitely welcome after a long day of sitting hunched over the computer. I could feel my body relax and I woke up feeling completely refreshed and pain-free every morning.
Nectar Premier is 13 inches thick and this mattress type is entirely made of foam. All of the brand’s beds have a dense memory foam feel, and we weren’t surprised to see this model is no different. When you lay down on the mattress, it’ll take a few seconds for the foam to mold to your body shape. Once it does, you can feel the bed gently hug your pressure points and it provides a really nice relief to your joints. It comes topped with a nice, poly-blend cooling cover, but there isn’t a noticeable cooling sensation when you lay down. Most people, unless you sleep hot, will think it’s more temperature neutral. 

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If the heat-trapping of traditional memory foam has steered you away from this mattress type in the past, the Ghostbed Flex Hybrid will open a whole new world for you. This twin bed mattress is constructed of seven layers — gel infused memory foam, a high-density support layer, a bounce layer, and individually-wrapped coils — that are wrapped in a cooling cover that has specialized fibers designed to disperse heat and improve airflow.

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The Nectar Premier mattress is the replacement for their discontinued Nectar Lush bed. While it’s a little different from the Lush model in terms of plushness, we still think it’s a comfortable memory foam mattress suited for a wide range of sleeper types. 
The Helix Midnight LUXE twin bed mattress really shone when it came to lumbar support. It immediately took the pressure off my back and provided much needed relief from the aches and pains that are inevitable when sitting at the computer all day. While this mattress had a little more motion transfer than the Nectar Lush or Leesa Legend, it still did a great job of absorbing movement when I shifted positions.

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Even when I moved around during my sleep, I never felt like I got stuck in the mattress. I could adjust positions and the AS2 responded quickly, which meant I felt comfortable, but also properly supported so I woke up (and slept) pain-free. I also felt cool all night long, even with a thick down comforter and a microfiber throw on top, so I slept comfortably through the night.