Apple MagSafe Battery Pack
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Patrick Holland/CNET

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack on the iPhone 12 Pro. Like with most tech, there are pros and cons, so let’s talk about some of the MagSafe battery features. First, it’s tightly integrated into the iOS and will show up in the battery widget alongside your other devices. It can also work as a passthrough for charging to other products, like your AirPods case and other tech that is compatible with Qi charging. It is also built to protect your battery, which is why it caps charging at 90%, which will increase your iPhone’s longevity. If this feature bothers you, there is an override, but it’s probably best to use the product as intended. Note: There is no Lightning cable or charger included in this deal, so if you want those items, you’ll have to buy them separately. 

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Apple products are notoriously difficult to find on sale, but every now and then you can find good deals at authorized Apple retailers. The MagSafe Battery Pack is compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 13 (including Mini, Pro and Max editions) and it snaps directly onto the back. It starts charging automatically, so there’s no button to press and no hassle. It can be a great way to keep you phone topped off on-the-go. The pack usually retails for , but right now you can score it for
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