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I say that because it’s not clear how many of these Lyriq Debut Edition models Cadillac plans to build. The brand declined to disclose that figure when Roadshow reached out for comment. However, it’s safe to assume there won’t be many, which would make it pretty easy to fill up a reservation book. “As a reminder, any customer interested in Lyriq, that did not secure a reservation on Saturday, will be able to place an order for a 2023 Lyriq starting next summer,” a spokesperson said.
All the brand said in a statement issued shortly after closing order books was “more than 200,000 people have expressed interest in learning more about the vehicle and our electric future.”
These Debut Edition cars should reach customers in “early 2022,” according to parent automaker General Motors. That’s actually quicker than previously anticipated, but there’s quite a gap between then and the launch of standard Lyriq trims. Noting Cadillac still called the Lyriq a 2023 model for orders placed next summer, it’s likely the next batch of SUVs will reach customers in the late summer/early fall of next year. That could change with the state of supply chains and the ongoing chip shortage, though.
The Lyriq starts at ,990, though it’s unlikely the Debut Edition wears such a price tag. Keep that cost in mind when the standard cars become available around this time next year.
If you’re eager to put a 2023 Cadillac Lyriq in the driveway, I’ve got bad news: the electric SUV is sold out, and it sold out in 10 minutes. Not only that, but the brand doesn’t plan to have more vehicles available until summer of 2022. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it feels like either Cadillac seriously underestimated the EV’s popularity, or it really wanted to show off the fact its first EV sold out so quickly.

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