Which Topics Are Trending in the Work of Philosophy Graduate Students & Recent PhDs?

[Marion Pinaffo & Raphaël Pluvinage – “Affiches Artifices No.8” (aka “On Phire”)]

I’m not asking what today’s most influential philosophers are writing about. Rather, what are the members of philosophy’s “next generation”—today’s graduate students and recent PhDs—interested in and working on?

Whether it’s Aristotle’s De Anima or the aesthetics of anime, race in Hume or who may race, the synthetic a priori or synthetic biology, social epistemology or the epistemology of sociology, contextualism or Kant’s sexual proscriptions—(too much? no? I should go on? okay)—the meaning of virtue or meaning in the virtual, the analysis of names or the metaphysics of games, pragmatic encroachment or intertheoretic rapprochement—(was that one great or terrible? I can no longer tell)—whether you’re dialed into theism or debating dialetheism, panning panpsychism or trolling trolleyology, whether you’re sticking with what’s traditional or picking something topical, let’s hear about it. Thanks. (And sorry).
What areas, topics, and questions are going to be hot in philosophy?