What You Like About Your Philosophy Department

Sometimes you need to remember the good things in life, including your professional life.

Let’s focus on the context of our philosophy departments. For one thing, departments are “local” enough that, much in the way that people hate Congress but like their own congressperson, even people who think there are problems in the profession at large can find good things about their own department. Also, since the department is a unit of manageable size, it’s posssible that some (but probably not all) of the good things in place in some departments might be available or implementable elsewhere.
So what is something you like about your philosophy department? Is it some practice or procedure or policy, some type of event, some prevalent attitudes or informal norms, the people, the kind of work people tend to do, the funding, the amenities, the layout, the library, the artwork…? Whether it’s a big deal or just a little thing, let us know.
[optical illusion mural by Peeta]