Philosophy Profs Making Introductory Philosophy Videos for Students & the Public

Professor Linehan’s channel is Let’s Get Logical. It covers various matters relating to logic, of course, as well as other philosophical topics. Here’s his video on validity:

But I bet there several other sets of introductory philosophy videos created by philosophy instructors. If you know of any or are making such videos yourself, tell us about it in the comments—and include a link.

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Professor Houk shares his videos on his YouTube channel, Thinking About Stuff. They’re brief, with the ideas simplified and aimed at people who are new to philosophy. He covers topics such as free will, cultural relativism, punishment, and ethics. Here’s his video on the problem of induction:
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These relatively new sets of videos join other introductory, publicly available ones, such as “Better Argument with John Corvino” and the videos from Wi-Phi. Kelly Truelove also maintains a list of the video channels of philosophers who have over 1000 followers on Twitter.
The increase in remote and asynchronous teaching has led to more academics gaining familiarity and practice with making videos. Some philosophy professors have taken their new skills beyond their courses, creating brief introductory videos for anyone to watch online.
Two recent examples come from philosophy professors at the College of the Sequoias: Timothy Houk and Timothy Linehan.