Philosophy on Clubhouse

The app hosts an array of audio-only conversations which users can host, participate in, or just listen to. According to Vogue, Clubhouse is “a dizzying bringing together of live podcast-style conversations, panel discussions, networking opportunities… and advantageous multiple-room use (locked and private options are available so you can talk to pals too)… [that] mimics real-life interactions.” You can learn more about the various roles and rules of the app here.

The New York Times reports that a former Disney executive is hosting a philosophy talk show on Clubhouse but doesn’t say much about it. With over 600,000 users, the app likely has some other philosophy happening on it, but, not having been invited, I haven’t been able to find out more. Perhaps some of the readers of Daily Nous are users of the app and have had a chance to check out (or provide) philosophy content on Clubhouse. If so, let us know about it. (And send me an invite!)
Clubhouse is a new talk-based social network. It’s still in beta and admission to it is by invitation only, but reportedly there is some philosophy happening on it.