Grad Students: What Do You Wish You Knew? (Volume 2)

So, graduate students, what do you know now that you wish you knew at the start of your graduate education?

Advice, information, resources, problems, solutions, reflections, life and work hacks, warning signs, sources of joy, etc., are all welcome. Think about what it would be helpful for a new graduate student to hear.

Five years ago, we hosted a discussion, “Grad Students: What Do You Wish You Knew?” The idea was that current graduate students are well-placed to provide some advice to new ones. Sure, faculty have their perspective, and of course were once grad students themselves, but some things change, and it’s good hear from those currently in the position what they think those entering it should be aware of or keep in mind in order to be prepared and do well.
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[Jesús Rafael Soto, “Double Transparency”]
The academic year is soon upon us (don’t shoot the messenger). Philosophy departments are getting ready for a new class of graduate students and those new graduate students getting ready for graduate school. What should those new graduate students know?