PayPal lets users shop with cryptocurrency – CNET

Checkout with Crypto is the new payment option available for PayPal customers when shopping online. Users can select their cryptocurrency when checking out and they’ll see the current conversion rate to fiat currency such as

Guilford College Plans to Cut Philosophy Major — and 19 Others (updated)

[Note: the following post was mistakenly based on an outdated article from November, 2020. For newer information about what is happening at Guilford College, see the comments on this post, below. Thanks, commenters!] Carol Moore,

NSF Bill Includes Ethics Initiatives, Including Grants

While philosophers have been and continue to be involved in NSF-funded projects, this new emphasis on ethics suggests a possible increase in opportunities for philosophers working in ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of

Facebook freezes Venezuelan dictator’s account for COVID misinformation – CNET

Twitter has yet to follow Facebook’s move. On Sunday Maduro tweeted instructions to his 3.8 million followers, directing them to another Facebook page on which to watch his videos. YURI CORTEZ/Getty These claims have been

Seeking an Aurora: A Wondrous Illustrated Celebration of Earth’s Most Otherworldly Spectacle of Light and Color

Outside everything was still.Even the dogs were quiet, and the cows looked like prehistoric creatures, their noses streaming smoke. Awestruck with the natural poetry and the mythic feeling-tone of the luminous spectacle, Gassendi named what

Absurdist Video Edits of Philosophers Talking

Going only by the nickname “Feallsanachd” (Scottish Gaelic for “philosophy”) and revealing only a location of somewhere in Canada, the maker of these videos has posted about 40 of them since the end of January.

Best checking accounts for April 2021 – CNET

While many accounts use an APY as a selling point, it’s important to note that a checking account’s interest rate will rarely net you much. A balance of ,500 at a 0.10% APY earns you

Suez Canal block continues: Why that’s important everywhere – CNET

Julianne Cona/Instagram Following mechanical issues, a Japanese vessel became lodged in the ground under the canal water in 2017. Tugboats refloated the ship within hours. A year prior, the CSCL Indian Ocean spent five days

Cambridge Hires Dewar and Fine

They will both start at Cambridge in September. Dr. Fine works in political philosophy, ethics, and the history of political and social philosophy. You can learn more about her research here and here. Dr. Dewar

Sony PS5 restock updates: Inventory at Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Sony and more – CNET

Target offers the PS5 with Blu-ray for 0 in addition to the PS5 Digital Edition, which you can find by clicking the button below. The PS5 is available in two versions: There’s a 0 model with a

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