What Predicts Professional Philosophers’ Views? (updated)

UPDATE: There’s an ungated version here, and supplemental materials (including more data than that which is discussed in the article) here. Additionally, they found that being more politically right-leaning was associated with several philosophical views,

The Woman Who Saved the Hawks: Redeeming an Overlooked Pioneer of Conservation

On the eve of the Wall Street Crash of 1929, Rosalie Edge, in her dress and her greying bun, walked across Central Park to the twenty-fifth annual gathering of the National Association of Audubon Societies.

Teaching Philosophy Online: A Survey

Like many departments around the country, mine is discussing which policies (if any) we should adopt concerning online teaching moving forward. Since there is a dearth of evidence on teaching philosophy online, I thought it


23 best films on Amazon Prime Video – CNET

A teen comedy-horror-thriller with a dash of social commentary. What a combo! Get Duked! follows three slacker students, one nerd and their mundane teacher as they head to the Scottish Highlands to attempt to win

Love and Symmetry: Poet A. Van Jordan Imagines the Undelivered Feynman Lecture About the Mystery Lying Between Scientific Truth and Human Meaning

Jordan writes: You cannot solve for the use of one side of the body over the other, so there is no single voice that emits from it. You cannot solve for the harmonics of a

Verizon outage takes down some wireless services in Southern California – CNET

Verizon customers across Southern California have complained of an hours-long outage taking out their mobile service Tuesday afternoon and causing calls to drop. People from LA down to San Diego and Coachella have complained on

“Penned Up and Forced to Listen”: On the Value of In-Person Conferences

This seems as if it was written for our era, in which an important problem of public discourse is its focus on snippets of speech and ideas detached from knowledge of their context, their motivation,

In iOS 14.5, Apple adds new voices to make Siri sound more like you – CNET

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant on more than 1 billion iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watch models, has had a woman’s voice as the default since the software was added to its popular smartphone in 2011 with the release

Philosophers Among New NHC Fellows

They (and their projects) are: The National Humanities Center (NHC) has announced its class of residential fellows for the 2021-22 academic year, and it includes two philosophers. They will be in residence at the NHC

Stowaway review: Netflix’s airless astronaut drama feels low gravity – CNET

This sets the tone for Stowaway. It’s subtle. It’s sparse. The camerawork is unhurried. The shots linger. The music glides and tingles. The production design builds a near-present-day spaceship that looks designed to be genuinely

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