Indulge in the Glittering Tamil Nadu

Glittering Tamil NaduTamil Nadu is that the south state in Asian country and it’s home to a spread of engaging tourist destinations. Tamil Nadu, the fantastic destinations embody however not restricted to picturesque valleys,beautiful beaches, tranquil hill stations, life parks, beautiful temples, and scenic mountains.


Velankanni, conjointly named as Vailankanni, could be a council space within the state of state in Asian nation. It attracts pilgrims from everywhere the planet regardless of caste and creed. Theawing building could be adorned with Gothic vogue design and is a marvel in itself. Velankanni is not only famous for the most unique attractions, but also famous for its own shopping. Travelers can visit the Velankanni Beach for buying handicraft items. Handicraft items are available at affordable rates there.

No visit to Chennai would be completed without stepping out to Chennai, considered as the gateway to south India. There are many fascinating tourist attractions in Chennai. Chennai offers some beautiful beach resorts. Marina Beach is the pride of Chennai. Step into the Government Museum, which is a treasure in itself! As a rich repository of finest masterpieces of art, archaeology, anthropology, numismatics and much more, the Madras Museum assures to lure one and all. Covelong Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Chennai marked for its serene beauty and various other beach activities.Marina Beach is the longest urban beach in India, which offers best scenic views of sunset and sunrise and is famous for its shops and food stalls where you can relish best of delicacies.


Madurai, the second largest city of Tamil Nadu, is dotted with a large number of temples and has rightly earned the epithet of Temple City of South India. Madurai is famous for Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, which is known all over the world for its thousand pillared hall which is considered to be an architectural and engineering marvel. Indulge in the beauty of work done on its ceiling and domes is truly one of its kind at Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal. You dont need to worry about the accomodation as the city of Madurai, which is a travel hub for the visitors coming to the state of Tamil Nadu, offers a lot of accommodation options.

Tamil Nadu BeachesTamil Nadu Beaches

Tamil Nadu beaches are one of the principal tourist attractions in the state and all of them make Tamil Nadu a favorite tourist destination in India. The state sports some of the best beaches in South India that have a charm of their own. All these are ideal destinations for sun bathing, relaxation, and water sports activities. Located at a distance of forty kilometers from Chennai, Covelong serves as the perfect holiday destination for those who wants to enjoy their leisure time in perfect solitude. The beach of Covelong is lined with tall palm and coconut trees that add to the beauty of the place. The place offers an excellent opportunity for the water sports and one can experiment his or her sporting skills amidst the beautiful surrounding of the place.

Have fun!

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Munnar – A place Where you get the Heavenly feel

Munnar is especially known for its scenic beauty of nature. Its climate and the environment make the person to feel like spending time in heaven. If someone wants to free from all his work pressure and tensions this is the world’s best part to spend some time. It is also a lovely, romantic and sexy place for newly married couples and lovers. The climate will makes you to feel romantic. Munnar is the wonderful place where the mountain kisses the clouds. One can feel the mild drizzle in Munnar where bike ride makes lot of enjoyment.

Chinnakanal and AnayirangalMunnar is the beautiful hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala which is the southwestern state of India. Munnar is situated at around 1600 meters above the ground level. Munnar has the highest peak in south India which is known as Anaimudi, 2695 meters. Neelakurinji is one of the beautiful flower blossoms once in every twelve years among the exotic flora and fauna in Munnar. It is called as Munnar because of the Meet of three rivers. One should not miss visiting Munnar in his life time.

There are number of beautiful spots in Munnar which makes the eye wider to view its amazing beauty.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park

One of the main attractions near Munnar is the Eravikulam National Park. It is the home to colorful wildlife including the endangered Nilgiri tahr (ibex), ruddy mongoose and 120 bird species. Anaimudi, South India’s highest peak is inside the Eravikulam National Park where anyone can experience the trekking with the permission of forest and wild life authorities. The park also becomes the hot destination when the hill slopes are covered with the flower NeelaKurinji which blossoms once in twelve years.

Mattupatty Dam

Mattupatty is famous for its Indo- Swiss livestock project, a specialized dairy farm. Here, one could come across various breeds of cow. It is situated 13 km away from Munnar. It’s also known for its beautiful lake which offers and pleasant boat ride.

Top Station

Top station is 32 Km away from Munnar is at the height of 1700 meter from sea-level. To have a panoramic view of neighboring state Tamilnadu and to view the blue carpet of Neelakurinji flower one must visit the Top station while visiting Munnar.


Pallivasal is located 13 km from Munnar near chitrapuram which is the venue of the first hydroelectric plant in Kerala.

The Stone Christ Church

The Stone Christ Church

The Stone Christ Church was built by the British in 1910 is adorned with renowned work of glass. It is situated inside the Eravikulam National Park.

Chinnakanal and Anayirangal

A waterfalls is there in chinnakanal which is nearer to the Munnar. The waterfalls is known as the power house of waterfalls, located 2000m from the sea-level. Anayirangal is 22km from Munnar, a green carpet of tea plantations. It is a dam surrounded by tea plantations and beautiful forests.

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The Pros and Cons of Guided Tours

If you have ever considering going on a guided vacation, you will probably only see all the things that make these types of tours amazing. The reality is that there are a great many benefits to going on vacation through a tour operator like Globus Tours, as we will discuss. However, a vacation is something that costs a lot of money, money that you have worked very hard for, so you need to make sure that you also know what the disadvantages are. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is the right type of vacation for you. First, however, let’s take a look at some of the things that make guided tours so great.

Five Pros of Guided Tours

There are five main advantages to taking part in a guided tour:

  1. You will be able to see some of the most amazing things of various town and cities, depending on your destination. Rather than being stuck in one place, escorted tours allow you to experience it all.
  2. You will generally have priority entrance at various attractions. This means you don’t have to spend half your vacation standing in a queue.
  3. Your luggage will generally be handled for you. If you do go from one destination to another, all you will have to do is make sure your luggage is packed. It will then be taken from one place to the next for you.
  4. You will have the services at hand of local guides and experts, who will generally speak both your language and the local language. As such, you won’t miss a thing.
  5. Some meals will be included in your travel, although this does depend on the tour operator. Some are all inclusive, others are fully self-catering.

Five Cons of Guided Tours

So what about the downsides? When looking at reviews or online information, it seems as if guided tours offer nothing but golden sunshine. In reality, however, there are a few distinct disadvantages as well. These include:

  1. You will be on a very tight schedule and you may have to wake up quite early some mornings.
  2. Whether or not your trip is enjoyable will be dependent on your group as well. Although you can expect most people in your group will have similar interests to you, since they have booked on a guided tour as well, there can be personality clashes. You will be stuck with the same people for the duration of your vacation, so this can be a serious problem.
  3. If you want to take part in excursions that aren’t on the program, you will have to pay more and you won’t get any help in terms of getting there.
  4. The travel time between different stops can be boring and tedious.
  5. Sometimes, you will experience a bit of an information overload as so much will be thrown at you in such a short period of time.

It is up to you to decide which five points weight the heaviest.

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Drag your heels to the Walking Dead filming locations

Outdoor TravelerWhen you are a fan of the Walking Dead series, seeing some of the actual shoot locations close up is a thrilling experience. A physical visit puts you right there in the scene and enables you to re-live some of the show’s most dramatic events from a personal perspective.

Rick’s house is one such location. On screen, it’s the place he retreats to after suffering a serious gunshot wound. In real life, the house is located in Atlanta, Georgia opposite Grant Park and Zoo Atlanta. You can see how the building actually looks, then work out the degree of window dressing it took to transform it for the screen.

Also in Georgia is the Highway Overpass, where in the series, the Federal Rescue Service set up a quarantine zone, blocking anyone one from entering or leaving the city of Savannah. In the ensuing panic, a fuel tanker collides with the barricades and sends people fleeing in all directions. It’s a massive scene and by being there yourself, you can visualize the amount of effort that went into its creation. You can see tangible evidence that this is a real place, not simply a CGI masterpiece, and the next time you watch the action on TV, you can say you were really there.

In real life, the Walking Dead survivor’s camp is a few miles from downtown Atlanta in a place called Bellwood Quarry. It can easily be reached by bus, and if you make the effort to get there, it makes sense to take a hike to the bottom. The city purchased the quarry in 2006 and is in the process of converting it into a 1.9 billion gallon reservoir and 300 acre park.

If you love visiting unusual and unique vacation spots, take inspiration from Outdoor Traveler, which has a range of original and exciting destinations for you to choose from and is perfect for families, couples and groups who love the great outdoors. The destinations are spread across the US. At each spot, you’ll get a chance to take in the local sights, learn about the area’s history and make your own adventures depending on what you love to do.

We all look forward to taking a break, and holidays help us unwind and get back to who we really are. In Georgia, there’s something for everyone, from relaxing escapes to big city action – just write your must-do list before you leave!

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Amazing Images of Historic Egypt

Egypt is an incredibly striking place: A country where the modern jostles alongside the impossibly old. Ancient Egyptian myths and stories continue to fascinate people all over the world, and the exciting thing is that you can still visit many different parts of Egypt and see evidence of these ancient myths right before your eyes.

The Valley of the Kings is a good place to start if you’re planning an Egyptian holiday. This is the famous archaeological site, explored by many—including Howard Carter, who found the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. The valley contains 63 tombs that are known of, 26 of which were made for kings and the others for royal family members or other elite states people. You can visit fifteen of them.

The Temple of Wadi el-Sebua. Lake Nasser:


Statue of Rameses II and his chief wife Nefertari , Abu Simbel:


A striking avenue of ram headed sphinxes. Karnak Temple, Luxor.


The huge statue of Horus as a falcon, Temple of Horus, Edfu.


Ray of light piercing the Temple of Horsu, Edfu:


Kalabasha temple, Aswan:


Grif Husayn (Temple of Rameses II), Aswan


The next place on your Egyptian tour should be Cairo. In Cairo, the colour of the stone changes from a rich red to a pale sand, but the sun is still hot and the sky is very blue. Cairo is a bustling modern city but has still retained some of its monuments. The most visited of these has to be the pyramids and the Sphinx which is very close by.




Part of the Memphis pyramid:


There is a regular light and sound show held at the Pyramids. Various light effects are aimed at the monuments, along with music and explanation. It’s educational, telling something of the history of the site, and very striking.


Many of the buildings in Cairo are so well preserved, that despite the fact that they are ancient you would think that they’d been put up only yesterday. Here is the Mohammed Ali Mosque, built between 1824-1857:


This is how it looks inside:


Another view of the Mohammed Ali Mosque’s interior:


Two different, equally magnificent mosques, the Sultan Hassan and Al Rifa’I Mosques, Cairo


Finally, when visiting Egypt, take the time to visit the city of Alexandria, on the coast. It has a great sense of history, being such a major point since its founding in 331BC that many cultures have seized control of it. From the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Andalusians, French and British, almost all have left their mark.

Visit the library in Alexandria while you are there. The outside of the building shows alphabetic letters from every language in the world, carved in granite.


Inside it is gracious and calm:


Alexandria beach, showing the 15th Century Fort Qaitbey citadel:


Ruins of the Roman amphitheatre in Alexandria:


As you can see, Egypt is striking, charming, and picturesque, all at once. There are so many photo opportunities it’s hard to know where to stop, once you start, and the feeling of being steeped in history won’t leave you, even when you return home.

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How To Tell The Greek Islands Apart

Which Greek island would suit you best? Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a beautiful holiday in the sunshine, with stunning beaches and great food. If you’re touring around the islands, you don’t have to worry too much about telling them apart, but if you have to choose just one, it can be hard to know which island will provide your ideal holiday. Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between a sample selection…


Santorni used to be known as Kallisti, or “for/to the most beautiful” in Greek, which was also written on the Golden Apple of Discord in Ancient Mythology (check out the story here!). Santorni used to be a much bigger island, but due to a volcanic eruption in 1630 BC, a great chunk of the land collapsed into the sea, leaving the crescent island we know today.


Mykonos is famous for its bohemian and LGBT roots, and is still a haven for the gay community. However, that’s not all there is to Mykonos. The beautiful whitewashed buildings, next to golden sands, strike a picture-perfect image. Just be careful of cruise ships docking, because these tourists really flood the area.


Previously under British possession, famous writer and painter, Edward Lear, popularised Corfu, one of the greenest islands in Greece. There are thousands of olive trees across the landscape, and although it can be quite touristy, there are areas that are nicely rural and removed from the tourist track. Just travel in-land to experience Greece as it’s meant to be.


Crete could be its own country. It’s probably one of the few islands that could actually feed itself, so this is one of the best places to visit for a fantastic foodie experience. In-land, you can find ruined chapels and palaces, as well as some of the best hiking opportunities you will come across in Greece.


When it comes to rich history and architecture, Rhodes has this in spades. We’re talking Crusader castles, medieval towns, and frescoed churches. Walk around the walled old town and take in the mountainous scenery. Be aware that, for this reason, Rhodes can be quite touristy.


For gorgeous seas and more beaches than you can shake a stick at, Skiathos is your island. It’s also another verdant holiday destination, even though the forest unfortunately burned down in 2007. You can find people from all over the world in Skiathos during the summer, although tourists from colder climates tend to come to Skiathos in the spring or autumn (for more moderate temperatures). There is a reliable bus service around the island, so if you can’t rent a car, don’t worry!


hydra island

Hydra is the perfect island to get away from the hubbub of your hectic life and just enjoy relaxing in a relaxed, romantic setting. Cars are banned in Hydra, so you either have to use donkeys or walk! This is one of the few Greek islands largely untouched by modernisation. Hydra has been the birthplace of no less than five Greek Prime Ministers, and has more than 300 churches and 6 monasteries.


Naxos has quite wild, unkempt scenery, and is another one of the few islands that could feed its population with sheep, goats, and cattle. The range of cheeses on Naxos is fantastic, but take a good map if you plan to go exploring; it’s easy to get lost.


You can tell that Patmos was created from volcanic activity – the amazing landscape and charming islets lend to fantastic beaches and some stunning monasteries. There is something exceptionally tranquil about Patmos, so if you need to unwind and take it slow, Patmos is an idyllic option.


Paros comes with everything you’d expect from a Greek island: fun and lively cafés, sandy beaches, fishing harbours full of tethered boats, and whitewashed buildings. You will find a lot of local spirit in Paros that you may not find as much on the other islands.

So, which one sounds best to you?

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In the event that the front of the house is emphasized with staircase, then it is the first and most critical detail that your visitors watch. Attempt to make an appealing search for the staircase so it will improve the tone of your whole house.

In the event that the staircase is made of wood, then there are a few approaches to upgrade the wood staircase. Beautifying the wooden staircase will provide for you an improving appearance to the entire house. To discover the right decision, consider the wood staircase plan thoughts to get an inventive look.

Here is the rundown of wood staircase outline thoughts:

A most basic system to finish the completion of wooden staircase is stain. You will discover wood stain in different shades that range from nectar to dim tan. You can consider the application of polyurethane to keep the wood in its regular shade. Stain will give the stairs a warm and characteristic look to supplement a few compositional and beautification styles.

Painting is an alternate prevalent route among the wood staircase outline thoughts. On the off chance that you need to get bolder look to the staircase, you can consider painting the case. You will discover a few shades at sobha marvella that can match with rest of the home enhancement. A great many people lean toward white shade to accomplish that new and clean look. On the off chance that the staircase wood is harmed anyplace, you can consider darker shades, for example, tan, war fleet or dark. On the off chance that you need to get offbeat look, you can consider painting the risers and treads with diverse colours.

An alternate well known one among the wood staircase outline thoughts is including the runner. A runner adds an appealing look to the case. Runner is a limited floor covering piece that has the state of your stairs. Former establishment, the runner is connected to the cushion to give a pad feel. Staircase runners are accessible in different shades, compositions and examples with the goal that you can pick the runner that matches with your rest of home adornments. One of the incredible profits of utilizing runner is, it doesn’t cover the whole stairs like cover, with the goal that you can appreciate the warmth and common look of wood stairs.

Including stair decals is an alternate approach to beautify the wood staircase. Decals are similar to wallpaper which you can peel off and stick anyplace on the staircase. They are accessible in different outlines and examples from which you can pick the particular case that matches with different designs. Consider outlines like blooms, stars, fish or feathered creatures. To peel off the decals effectively, make beyond any doubt that the staircase is decently completed.

  • Shade : The principle colours utilized as a part of contemporary style insides incorporate white, dark and neutrals however the stresses of strong and splendid shades are utilized for including measurement. Dark is the most vital shade utilized for establishing and characterizing a room in contemporary style. The dividers are painted in fundamental neutrals in an amazing foundation of embellishments in striking colours. Actually, the trims need to be impartial if the windows and the dividers are painted in pastel color. An alternate huge point is the utilization of striking shade and neutrals if the dividers are painted splendid.
  • Space and line : The most different and evident component of an inner part outline in a contemporary style is line. In this style the uncovered space are as critical as the zones loaded with diverse items. Air channels can dangle from the roof, uncovered pipes funnels are in a perfect world adequate and broken blocks render security and composition. The structural subtle elements are for the most part painted in differentiating and striking shades to draw consideration.
  • Furniture in contemporary style : Clean and smooth geometric shapes are critical for furniture in a contemporary style. Upholstered furniture in unbiased colours or in white and dark tones is utilized as a part of textured and common strands. The fabrics by and large have an exceptionally common look as is found in cotton, material, jute, downy and silk including textural claim. The furniture pieces utilized are uncluttered and straightforward without any kind of improvement or bends. Stools, couches and seats have uncovered legs. Seats and couches don’t have trim, skirt, tufts or periphery. Make a point to utilize adornments and furniture for putting forth strong expressions in this sort of inside outlining. Never utilize inordinate cut points of interest, botanical prints and unsettles. Cancel little and charming.
  • Floors : Floors in contemporary style inner part outline need to be smooth and exposed in tile, vinyl or wood. Business evaluation floor coverings ought to be picked for warmth and sound control. Include surface and color with geometric or plain, designed mats.
  • Dividers : At the point when running with the contemporary style of inside planning, take a stab at staying far from the occupied dividers depicting particular wallpaper. Dividers ought to be kept fundamental; they ought to be painted level with astonishing craftsmanship. Contemporary inside outline style thoughts are developing persistently and in this way it is presently less demanding for the property holders to make utilization of diverse alternatives.

In a general sense, it is a style that spotlights on clean lines, unpretentious surfaces and advancement. Shape, space and shade are new and smooth with least décor that is truly unwinding. This is fundamentally a style for the individuals who need to keep present with the most recent patterns. It is a style ideal for stores, lofts, homes and work places.

Easy Ways To Save Big On Your Next Getaway


Who doesn’t love to travel? There are so many incredible places to discover. Whether you are a chill out on the beach type or you prefer to experience absolutely everything the local culture has to offer…. travelling is the one thing that brings us all together. Unfortunately, many of us put off trips, vacations, and sensational getaways. Why does it happen? Money. Budgets and personal finances are the most common reason that men and women avoid jetting off somewhere completely unforgettable.

If this problem sounds familiar, listen up! Travelling doesn’t have to break the bank. At least not anymore. There are tons of great ways that you can save big on your next getaway. Here are a few easy tips to make it happen.

Don’t Overspend On Your Airfare

How many times have you checked out the prices of a flight only to feel disappointed? It doesn’t have to be that way. These days, there are many fantastic ways to avoid overspending on your airfare. Need a few ideas? You can always use a travel app to compare rates between companies, travel at off peak times of day (late at night as opposed to mid-morning or the afternoon), plan your trip during the low season, or simply start looking early. Booking cheap flights in advance is the best way to save, save, and save some more. Often, you can score the best deals in advance, before other travellers start planning their vacations. Know the saying, the early bird catches the worm? When it comes to saving money on your airfare, nothing could be more accurate.

Bring Along All Of The Essentials

Packing smart is another great way to save. That doesn’t mean remembering to bring your toothbrush, an extra pair of shoes, or that new shirt you bought especially for the occasion. The items you bring with you can allow you to save an awful lot of money. For instance, why not pack some granola bars or hard candies? Most places you travel will not have an issue with these items so long as they are in your checked luggage. Having these items on hand during your vacation will help you spend less on food while you are out. Rather than splurging on a $10-15 snack item, you can just reach into your bag!

Other essentials to bring along with you are things like extra batteries and phone chargers, a luggage scale (to avoid running into overweight baggage fees on your return home), and so on. Anything you might need to buy while you are out having fun? Bring it with you to avoid spending unnecessarily.

Look For Discounts on Attractions

Do you want to visit a local museum? Amusement park? Take a luxurious day trip checking out the countryside? These exciting attractions can be a lot of fun – but they can also be very expensive. To save more than you spend, look online for discount codes, coupons, and group deals. Or you can always ask at your hotel for cheaper rates for preferred guests and so on. The more you look around the more likely you are to enjoy your travel plans for a whole lot less.

Planning a Picturesque Trip To France


Who doesn’t dream of France? It is one of the most beautiful, luxurious, and picture perfect countries in the entire world. Home to some of the most photographed sites, some truly iconic attractions, and plenty of unique culture…. it is one of the most travelled countries. An estimated 83 million tourists visit each and every year. Could you be one of them? If France has been on your travel to-do list for far too long…. listen up! This is your chance to start planning the ultimate getaway.

Figure Out How You Will Get There
First thing is first. You want to enjoy an unforgettable trip to France, right? Then you need to take care of the basics. Start thinking about when you want to visit (spring is a particularly beautiful time of year!), popular hotels or hostels to stay at, your budget, and who you will travel with. These are all essential when planning your picturesque vacation. Something equally important? Determining how you will get there. When it comes to the latter, it all depends on where you live. You may need to take an international flight, drive or take a bus, or even take the ferry to France.

Do Your Research Beforehand
There is so much more to planning a trip than booking your tickets, finding accommodations, and filling up your suitcase. Especially when you are travelling to another country. So, be sure to do your research beforehand. Find out what currency is used (the Euro, in case you were wondering), how much things cost, whether you will require travellers health insurance, if your cell phone will work or not within the country, and so on.

You will also want to make sure you have a vague grasp of the language – or make sure you keep a French-English dictionary on you at all times. Alternatively, you could also download an app to make translation a breeze! Other things to research prior to that incredible trip to France? Emergency phone numbers, typical weather conditions, and even etiquette, customs, and rules that must be followed. The more you know before you get there, the better your trip will be!


Come Up With a Realistic Itinerary

The next thing to do is start coming up with your itinerary. Remember to be realistic. You may want to see absolutely everything the cities of France have to offer…. but if your getaway is only a week long, that probably isn’t going to happen. Think about the city or cities you are staying in. Then start to prioritize your must-see list. Do you refuse to visit Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tour? Is the Louvre or the Palais Garnier somewhere you have always wanted to see? Whether you have been dreaming up a trip to Disneyland Paris or Notre Dame, now is your chance. Plan your itinerary before you arrive in France.

There is no doubt about it: France is an incredible place to visit. Make sure your next adventure is exciting and memorable. Simply figure out how you will get there, do your research, and create an itinerary. Seeing the world has never been simpler!

Austria Bound: What You Should See in Seefeld Tirol

If you were looking for a fine example of a European destination that is both picturesque and a cultural delight, Austria is a country that has most tourist boxes ticked.

This is a country with an air and energy for life, fantastic ski venues and a calendar that is packed with cultural festivals and highlights to plan your trip around.

You can learn more about cultural trips to Austria in general through the Tourist Board. They are currently busy promoting all that their country has to offer in terms of sport as well as plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

Scenic Seefeld

The Tirol Valley is a stunning location to visit all year round and Seefeld enjoys a particularly scenic position just above the Inn Valley, which is reasonably close to Innsbruck and in the Tirol region of the country.

A particular point to note about Seefeld is that it offers both and skiers and non-skiers alike, countless prospects of enjoying a plethora of leisure amenities, culture, entertainment and an enviable range of top quality hotels to choose from.

From Seefeld you could take a train and enjoy a day trip to Innsbruck or if you want to explore the area and get some exercise at the same time, the area is renowned for having some of the best cross-country tracks in Austria.

Rich in history

One of the principal attractions that draws so many visitors to Seefeld is the fact that it has a rich history which is evident all around you and the many churches you encounter are a fine example of the historical buildings that form this attractive tapestry of culture.

You can actually go on an organised cultural hiking tour if you want to or arrange to visit some of the main attractions yourself, such as the inspirational Peace Bell and the mystical stone circle that can be found in Seefeld.

Near Seefeld, you will find Leutasch, which is well known for its beautiful mountains that provide a spectacular background as you wander around one of the many hamlets that make up this area and date back as far as the 12th century.

Alpine eagles

Eagle View and Eagle Kick are two notable cultural highlights to take in during your stay in Seefeld.

If you want to view the remains of a 17th century defensive stronghold between Bavaria and Tirol, Eagle View will allow you the chance to see what is left of this important structure in the area’s history. Although large parts of the once mighty bulwark are no longer there, some vaults and a rather imposing ditch are still in existence and you are also rewarded with a spectacular natural view in the form of Gießenbach Gorge while you are there.

Eagle Kick, which is the unmistakable Große Arnspitze Peak is one of the most recognisable peaks in the region and although the climb to the top may be a little challenging, your view over the Bavarian foothills and Walchensee Lake as well as amazing views of the Ötztal Alps are your deserved reward for your endeavours.

Picture postcard

If you are looking for a magical Christmas destination, then Seefeld ticks all of the required boxes in that respect as well as being more than versatile enough to offer visitors in the summer, some inspiring views and experiences.

Many people agree that Seefeld is almost like a fairytale in the winter months with so many picture postcard views and a wonderful atmosphere that is virtually guaranteed to put a smile on your face as soon as you arrive.

Many tourists return at different times of the year, simply because the area offers them so much to do and see whatever time of the year they come.

During the summer, the clean mountain air and simply epic views are just perfect for a day’s hiking adventure and at the end of the day, you will have truly earned a classic schnitzel and local beer, which you can enjoy at your leisure in one of the many charming restaurants in and around Seefeld.

As already mentioned, The Austrian Tourist Board is currently running a promotion to tell a wider audience about the cultural pearls and awesome views that await visitors to their country, but when you have destinations like Seefeld and the Tirol Valley in general to promote, it is really quite an easy sell.

Come and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed and will more than likely become a frequent guest in the future, enjoying famous Austrian hospitality and culture.

Evan Moran is an avid traveler and sports enthusiast of many years. An avid writer, he likes to explore breathtaking destinations all around the world. His articles appear mainly on travel, lifestyle and culture websites.

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