Travel Internationally Like a Pro With These 5 Tips


Flying long distances can be tiresome, and even more so if you’re inadequately prepared for the long trip. Explore these flying tips from the pros to keep your trip as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Lightly pack for the worst

You never want to fly internationally and get hit with unbearable bodily conditions that will keep you up tossing and turning. Pack your essential medicines (in travel-size doses) for upset stomach, migraines and allergies. If you suffer from motion sickness, take a small dose of Dramamine before getting on the flight.

Airplane food isn’t prepared in the healthiest way, so make sure you also have a travel dose of PeptoBismol handy and take it an hour before your meal is prepared.

  1. Consider upgrading

If your flight is more than eight hours, consider upgrading it using your air miles. If you don’t have any air miles for the upgrade, consider paying the small fee to upgrade to premium economy. Premium economy usually comes with spacious leg room and priority check in.

Getting on the plane first will ensure your carry-ons get stowed away before space fills up. You may also be seated near the front of the plane, ensuring you get off just as quickly and conveniently as you got on.

  1. Dress comfortably now, change later

Chances are you won’t have anyone to impress the moment you land, so dress as comfortably as possible. Ditch the slim jeans for something a bit more loose. Forget the button-up and go for the comfortable T-shirt. Leave your constricting, stylish clothes in your suitcase and wear items that you can move in and out of freely.

Wear comfortable sneakers with warm socks with the intention of taking off your shoes when airborne. And don’t forget to carry on a sweater for when it gets chillier at night.

  1. Sleep to beat jet lag

A little known tip to beat jet lag while flying is to set your clock to the destination’s local time. When it’s nighttime there, try to get as much shut eye as possible. Restfully sleeping in an airplane is tough, so make sure you carry on your sleeping mask and earbuds.

By staying awake during the day and sleeping during the night cycle of your destination, you’ll be incredibly surprised to discover you’ve combatted jet lag. Naturally, repeat the same steps for your trip back home.

  1. Have enough juice for the trip

You never want to fly with your favorite device running low on juice. Probably one of the biggest staples in your carry-on will be an external battery pack. Pros recommend the lightweight Anker portable charger.

If you’re planning on taking a lot of photos on your iPhone 6s, make sure you have your external battery pack handy with an extra SD card. If you’re a business flyer and often use your laptop, this combo beast of a battery will be your new best friend. At 50,000 mah, the MAXOAK battery and connector for MacBooks will keep your laptop and any other devices juiced up for any trip.

Handy Tips for Dealing with Jet Lag

Jet lag is not a sickness, but rather it can wreck destruction on the body. The temporary sleep issue can influence your vitality levels, digestive system, profitability, focus and can bring about nervousness and a sleeping disorder. Whether you frequently traversed numerous time zones or it will be interestingly, knowing these convenient tips for managing plane lag may help you make your whole deal flight more agreeable.

Change your sleeping patterns several days before the trip

sleeping patternsSkirt this point, on the off chance that you are going on a brisk business trip. On the off chance that you are hoping to spend a couple days or weeks in another time zone, consider changing your sleeping patterns a few days before the flight. At the point when flying east, move bedtime earlier – go to bed one hour earlier every night for three to five days. When flying west, move bedtime later – head to bed an hour later every night for three to five days.

Set one of your watches to your destination time

This will help you facilitate the transition across time zones. I propose wearing two clocks a day prior to the flight and when you arrive at the destination on the off chance that it is a business trip. If not, wear the watch set to a local

To sleep or not to sleep?

Sleeping the plane can be both unsafe and helpful, depending upon the length of the flight and which heading you fly. If it is evening at your destination while you are flying, get your cushion, pop your eye veil on and make the most of your rest. On the off chance that it is a daytime, attempt to stay alert and occupy yourself from nodding off.

Skip the caffeine and alcohol

caffeine and alcoholLiquor won’t help you fall off, and a few shots of coffee won’t keep you alert. Lemon water can give you a moment burst of vitality while some herbal tea will help you float off rapidly and effectively. Additionally, watch what you put in your body. British Airways pilot Helen MacNamara suggests eating Brazil nuts and drinking a glass of milk before bedtime to beat midnight cravings and fall asleep faster.

Go Skiing! Planning Your Trip To La Plagne

It’s okay. You can admit it. Dreaming of an exciting ski adventure is nothing to be ashamed of. The truth? Many travellers prefer fresh powder and a surge of adrenaline to a hot day and a sandy beach. Do you? Then there is one place you need to visit: La Plagne. This French ski area is located in the alpine valley of the Tarentaise. Here you can find top-notch resorts and picturesque views. Not to mention incredible places to ski. If you are ready to experience an adventure like nothing else…. then get ready It is time to plan an exciting trip to La Plagne.

Go Skiing! Planning Your Trip To La PlagneFind The Best Way To Get There. Before you start packing your heavy sweaters and extra socks, think about the logistics. How will you get to La Plagne? There are several options available to you. The first is to fly. Visitors can fly to airports like Chambery or Grenoble. Then there will be a mini bus transfer to take you directly to the resorts and ski area. Something to keep in mind? Certain times of year are busier than others. For instance, flights tend to be pricier during school breaks and around the holidays. Another option is to take a train part of the way. The closest train station to La Plagne is Aime. It has regular service – and there are busses to take you from the train station to the resorts. There are also buses or you can rent a car. It is totally up to you. The most important thing? To arrive safely at your destination so you can go skiing in La Plagne. Figure out your best transportation option (factor in things like budget and the time of year) and make your dream vacation a reality.

Choose The Perfect Resort For Your Stay. The area of La Plagne is pretty unique. It is made up of eleven different villages. Each one is like a mini resort in itself. (Though it is important to note that they all have their own distinct character and style.) Some are located on or above the tree lines. Others are slightly lower. With so many different places to stay, it is important to think about where you want to spend your time. It could be at a chalet in Plagne, Plagne Aime, Champagny, or the Plagne Villages. To name just a few of your options! Think about your budget and what you want from your vacation. For example, extra amenities, food and shopping, quick access to the slopes, and so on. Look into several resorts in the area before you make your final decision.Go Skiing! Planning Your Trip To La Plagne 2

Be Prepared For Cool Temperatures. You are well on your way to a vacation in La Plagne. The only thing left to think about? The weather. During peak ski season, the temperatures will be downright chilly. Be prepared! Pack your suitcase with a warm jacket, extra socks, sweaters, and items you can layer. And don’t forget about hats and gloves. As for your skiing equipment…. this can be rented on site or you can bring your own. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with. There you have it. Your exciting getaway is all planned out. Go hit the slopes!

Make The Most of a Las Vegas Weekend

There are lights everywhere. They flash, glisten, and glow all night long. During the day? Las Vegas is equally as flashy. The entire strip is bursting with colour, billboards, and massive hotels. It is a feast for the eyes if nothing else. Visitors to the area love to gamble, shop, and explore everything that Sin City has to offer. Do you have a quick weekend getaway planned? Worried you won’t have enough time to see it all? Relax! These tips and tricks will help you make the most of a Las Vegas weekend.

Make The Most of a Las Vegas WeekendTake a Tour To See As Much As You Possibly Can. Okay, so a weekend is not a lot of time. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the incredible sights and history the area has to offer. You simply need to find another way to see it all. One fantastic solution is to go on a sightseeing tour. This allows you to check out attraction after attraction after attraction…. without taking up too much of your limited time. The type of sightseeing tour you choose is totally up to you. It might be one dedicated to the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Or you might prefer a tour that takes you to interesting historic sights. Or even one that offers you a unique glimpse behind the scenes of locally shot TV shows. There is a tour for every type of traveller. Whether you are interested in the history of Las Vegas or the major highlights. Take a tour to make the most of every minute.

Make The Most of a Las Vegas Weekend 1Remember To Be Choosy About What You Do. Las Vegas has a lot going for it. There are more restaurants, lounges, and nightclubs than anyone could ever visit. That leaves an awful lot of room for choice. The best advice you can get? Be choosy. Instead of hitting up the most popular spots (simply because they are popular) or selecting the first place you see…. do a little research. Look online for positive reviews, ask for recommendations, and find places that interest you. Not a club person? Then forget about those VIP passes at 1OAK. Hate pub fare? Then skip out on Jack’s Irish Pub & Bar. Choose places that match your interests. That way? You won’t feel like you have missed out. Even though you are only in Las Vegas for a couple of days.

Make The Most of a Las Vegas Weekend 2Be Mindful Of The Time You Spend In The Casino. It’s okay to gamble during your Las Vegas getaway. However, given the fact that you only have a couple of days to spend there…. you likely want to do more than gamble. So be extremely mindful of the time you spend in each casino. You will be amazed at how quickly an afternoon flies by. Especially since the lights are always dim and you cannot see outside. The casinos are designed this way specifically to keep you gambling longer. The best way to avoid gambling away your entire trip? Set a timer on your phone. Have it go off every hour or so. That way you always know what time it is. And how long you have been in the casino!

Why Every City Should Have the Sidewalks Like in Boston

Presently I am waiting for rain with incredible patience. Why? Since I cherish those Boston’s sidewalks that are secured in mystery poems, which I can just see when it rain. Presently it turns out, I am not the only one. While checking my Facebook feed, I saw the video posted by New York Magazine and thought, “Stunning, it is an incredible approach to demonstrate to others best practices to help boost people’s mood during the dull weather.”Sidewalks

Truly, who of you can really appreciate the dull, stormy climate? Simply check your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feed when it rains outside and you will see that the dominant part of individuals hate it. Rainy weather can be awesome too, especially if you live in Boston.

Boston’s walkways are phenomenal cases that different urban communities worldwide ought to consider following. If you do not live in Boston, add it to your travel bucket list.Boston Sidewalks

There are four poems in different Boston neighborhoods – each provides a month or two of hidden poetry every time it rains. Just watch:

Boston's Sidewalks Have Secret Poems

Boston's sidewalks are covered in secret poems you can only see when it rains.

Posted by New York Magazine on Friday, 20 May 2016

What to do with Travel Photos when you get Home

With this era of snap chats and selfies, going on holiday means that everything from tablets to phones come back fully loaded with photos. Unfortunately many of us leave those photos on there until the next time we need space to take more. Photos can be a great reminder of the best days of your life and should be kept safe and seen regularly. This is why just leaving them to languish on your hard drive is never the best option.

Here are 10 fabulous ways to display your photos so you can see them all the time;

1. Scrap book

This might be a little more work than using a photo album but it is fun. You can buy a scrap book from any store and stick all your printed photos there. The best thing about a scrap book is that you can tell a story with it. Unlike an album, you can capture the memories with words and arrange the pictures according to what happened that day.

What to do with Travel Photos when you get HomeImage courtesy of Pinterest

2. Hang them on your wall

A great option these days is to get your favourites printed out on canvas to hang on your wall at home, or even in your office. It used to be quite expensive to print photos on canvas but technology has made it much cheaper, so don’t dismiss this potential winner. Some places even offer themed photo collage services, (eg – so you can get a travel themed collage on your wall.

3. A messy frame

Most of us put file a single picture per frame. However, holiday pictures can cover a lot of frames. Why don’t you have all pictures taken every single day printed together in one big page? When this is done beautifully and framed it, brings back the memories like it was yesterday. It is called a messy frame because the photos are not arranged systematically; they are just placed haphazardly on the page.

4. Gallery Wall

If you have a plain-looking wall especially a hallway, a corridor or staircase, place well-arranged photo frames on it. You will see them as you walk past and they will transform the appearance of the house. You can put your photos in frames or just stick them directly to the wall with bluetack. Place your pictures in a meaningful shapes such as hearts or diamonds. This works better in bedrooms.

You can also have many photos placed in one large foam core board on your wall. This makes your room look like a movie theatre. Because frames and collages can be expensive, Try sticking all your photos on a straight wire and have the kids help out.

You can also frame your best photos and place them on your hallway or lounge in a clock arrangement. You must chose only 12 photos for every hour and have real moving wall arms to make the idea not just decorative but functional as well.

5. Material look

There are many companies that will transform your best picture into coasters, throw pillows and even canvas prints. This will be memorable and functional too. If you have kids, use transparent jars to put in items they collected and their favorite picture.

6. Create a slide show

There are programs that enable one to take all their favourite pictures and put them as their screensaver in sliding mode. Instead of one boring picture on your screen, you will have all your holiday pictures sliding through all the time.

A little creativity and time is all you need to convert your holiday photos into impressive features you can see every day.

10 Extraordinary Hotels of Tokyo

Japan is a country that boasts thousands of years of culture and history. Its capital city Tokyo is every traveler’s dream of experiencing a futuristically modern vibe. If you are looking for an affordable accommodation in this city, here are the top 10 extraordinary hotels in Tokyo, from traditional inns to love hotels.

Hoshino Resort Risonare, KobuchizawaHoshinoya_Kyoto

This hotel was designed by the Italian architect Bello in the 80s. It is a peaceful resort at the foot of the Japanese Alps. The theme of the hotel is a modern interpretation of medieval Italy in eco-tourism style. Hoshino resort is a popular venue for wedding receptions and formal events.

Asakusa Hotel and Capsule

Asakusa Hotel offers small pods for men and women to sleep in. However, the capsules are for men-only and come in varied sizes.

Queen Elizabeth Love Hotel

This hotel is on the outskirts of Tokyo and is one of the most popular love hotels in Japan. It’s shaped like a ship (Queen Elizabeth’s) and painted in red and pink. Most of the rooms are uniquely themed as a tribute to the movie Titanic.

Bayside Marina Hotel

The pre-fabricated modular units made up the contemporary rooms at Bayside Marina Hotel. The designers of these unique ‘cottages’ have placed each cottage at a different angle so that every guest has a slightly different view of the sea.

Hotel Pamplona

This is a love hotel with a difference in the district of Osaka. You won’t find one like it anywhere else in the world. With its sex-themed party rooms that resemble torture chambers and S&M, only the most sexually adventurous couples will find this hotel highly satisfying.

Fujiya Inn, Ginzan Hot SpringsFujiya-Hotel-main-bldg-1

If you wish to stay in a modern yet traditional Japanese hotel, then without a doubt Fujiya Inn is your best choice. This 8-room four star inn comes with bizarre décor and boasts a large relaxation centre on the Ginzan hot springs. The entire hotel is made of wood, which makes it look warm and inviting.


This cutting edge boutique hotel has 18 rooms that are divided into 4 categories; DIY, weekly residence, tatami, and Japanese modern. All these rooms are individually designed by Japanese artists.

Hilltop Yamanoue Hotel

This classically designed hotel is located in the Old Tokyo district. If you spend a night at Hilltop Yamanoue Hotel, you might bump into a Nobel Prize winner or an artist as this is the main hangout place for scholars, writers, and journalists.

If you have already chosen your favourite hotel from the above list, don’t forget to buy adequate holiday insurance before booking your flights to Japan. However, if you’re still undecided about your accommodation, read the rest of this article featuring a list of more unusual hotels.

Khaosan Ninja Guesthouse

This budget hotel is located very close to the train station and is a popular guesthouse for visitors and backpackers. It is unusual to find a cheap hotel in such as expensive city like Tokyo so Khaosan is definitely a gem, although the rooms are somewhat compact or tight.

Meguro Emperor Hotel

This is another love hotel that resembles a fantasy castle, where couples can choose from differently themed rooms in discreet surroundings.

Places to Visit in Lifetime


Sicily’s clamoring capital city, Palermo has a history that goes back 2,700 years. Established by the Phoenicians, the city achieved its social crest amid its Arab occupation when Palermo was known as the “city of joys” for its delightful greenhouses and design. Today, the city is known more for its riotous road markets than for its social attractions, in spite of the fact that there are top of the line exhibition halls and notable places of worship in Palermo well worth investigating. The top fascination is the Catacombe dei Cappuccini, an underground labyrinth of open graves underneath the Capuchin cloister. A portion of the 8,000 embalmed human remains are remarkably all around protected yet frightening.

Aeolian Islands

Situated off the northern shore of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands draw in around 200,000 guests every year. The seven islands that make up the archipelago are the aftereffect of volcanic and seismic movement, and climbing the dynamic volcanoes on the islands of Stromboli and Volcano pull in audacious explorers from around the globe. Most guests, in any case, go to the Aeolians for their beautiful white-washed towns and extravagance resorts. With steaming fumaroles situated on the greater part of the isles, unwinding in a permeating pool of mud or lazing in foaming warm waters are prevalent exercises too.



Roosted on a precipice close Mount Etna on the island’s eastern shoreline, Taormina has for some time been a mainstream spot to visit in Sicily. All around heeled voyagers have been including the resort town on their agendas since the nineteenth century. There are beautiful shorelines close to the city to appreciate as well, and as they’re just available by an airborne tramway, heading out to them is a large portion of the good times. The Teatro Greco is Taormina’s most well known fascination. While the design of the amphitheater is Roman, its format demonstrates that it was based upon a more seasoned Greek theater. Despite the fact that the first seats have been supplanted, a significant part of the Second Century Theater stays in place.

Mount Etna

One of the world’s most dynamic volcanoes, Mount Etna remains around 3,300 meters (11,000 feet) tall, towering over the east shore of Sicily. A large portion of the well of lava’s ejections happens at the summit, constantly adding to or subtracting from the mountain’s tallness. Amid the winter, guests come to Etna to ski on its cold inclines. In warm-climate months, audacious explorers advance toward Rifugio Sapienza, a well known takeoff point for trips up the mountain. Available by private auto, the ski station Piano Provenzana on Etna’s less dynamic northern slants has visit administrators who drive guests up to the Volcanic Observatory station or up to the principle hole.

Valley of the Temples

The city of Agrigento on the southern shore of Sicily was a city of extraordinary significance in Ancient Greece, and it’s the archeological remainders of its gloried past that make the town a mainstream travel destination. Simply outside the city lies the Valley of the Temples where a progression of fifth century Doric sanctuaries stands on an edge confronting the ocean. Of these, the sanctuaries credited to the goddesses Concordia and Juno Lacinia in the eastern area is the best-safeguarded. The western area includes the unfinished Temple of Zeus, the biggest Doric sanctuary ever uncovered.

Must Visit Places in Oregon

Check out the following places and return home with loads of memories.

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway

One of the most ideal approaches to encounter the magnificence and quality of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains is by visiting the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. The 66-mile (106 km) course winds along waterway valleys, up mountains and past grand lakes, offering guests pleasant vistas and a plenitude of recreational open doors along the way. The course starts in the city of Bend, moving into woodlands of ponderosa pine towards Mount Bachelor. Perspectives of lakes shaped by old magma streams rapidly come into perspective, every offering exercises like swimming, angling or drifting. The course closes at the winter resort group of Sunriver.


The noteworthy city of Astoria lies only a couple of miles south west of the spot where adventurers Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1805-06 preceding coming back toward the East. After five years, John Jacob Astor established Astoria, making it the initially United States settlement on the West Coast. Arranged at the mouth of the Columbia River, the city’s setting is the picturesque Astoria-Megler Bridge, the nation’s longest constant truss span. Attractions in Astoria incorporate the wave-formed Columbia River Maritime Museum, which highlights 30,000 curios of the Pacific Northwest’s marine history. The locale’s novel Victorian design is best spoken to by the kaleidoscopic Flavel House worked amid the 1880s.



Oregon’s biggest city straddles the Willamette River close to the point where it meets the compelling Columbia. With Mount Hood out there and the Pacific Ocean only a short head out, the city is encompassed by common excellence, and it’s reasonable by the sheer number of parks, gardens and green spaces in Portland how much the city’s occupants esteem the open air life. The city’s steadily evolving eating, music and craftsmanship scenes merit encountering, and visits to the city’s particular exhibition halls are fun as well, however for some guests, it’s venues like Forest Park and the International Rose Garden that make “The City of Roses” one of the best places to visit in Oregon.

Crater Lake National Park

The most well known normal fascination in Southern Oregon, Crater Lake is the thing that remaining parts of a volcanic emission that happened on Mount Mazama 7,700 years back. With a profundity of almost 2,000 feet, (600 meters) it’s the most profound lake in the United States, and its quiet sapphire-blue waters are an incredible sight. With 90 miles (150 km) of trails twisting through the national stop, the range is a climber’s heaven. The 33 mile (53 km) long Rim Drive offers less courageous guests numerous beautiful disregards. A guided vessel voyage through the lake and its focal island is an absolute necessity.


Cannon Beach

Named after gun that washed aground after a wreck, Cannon Beach is a standout amongst the most famous of the shoreline resorts that extend along Oregon’s 300 mile (480 km) long drift. Situated around 80 miles (130 km) toward the west of Portland, the once-natural craftsman group has developed into an upscale resort loaded with eateries, boutique shops and workmanship exhibitions. Around the local area attractions incorporate the Cannon Beach History Center, which includes a bona fide multiplication of a Native American longhouse. The most striking component about the shoreline itself is the 235 foot (72 meter) high Haystack Rock, the biggest of the solid shakes that dab the sandy shoreline and gives a settling ground to ocean flying creatures. Toward the north of Cannon Beach is Ecola State Park which offers a large number of climbing trails of all levels and probably the most dazzling Oregon Coast sees anyplace.

Best Places to Visit in Oregon

The tenth biggest state in the United States, Oregon represents the magnificence and ferocity of America’s Pacific Northwest. While there are numerous social venues in Oregon worth investigating, it’s the state’s assorted scenes that attract numerous explorers to this side of the nation. From tough shorelines and thick verdant backwoods to towering volcanic mountains and steep stream crevasses, Oregon’s normal attractions are just stunning. Whether meandering along a rough shoreline, walking around a rose patio nursery in high sprout or trekking up the side of a mountain, guests will locate an expansive scope of open air exercises to appreciate in Oregon wherever their voyages take them. A review of the best places to visit in Oregon:

Columbia River Gorge

Only a couple of miles east from Portland lay the immeasurable U-formed passageway known as the Columbia River Gorge. Framed by disastrous Ice-Age surges, the far reaching valley extends for more than 70 miles (110 km) along the Columbia River on Oregon’s northern outskirt. Worked in the mid 1900s, the Historic Columbia River Highway takes guests past dozen of waterfalls tumbling down the valley’s precarious dividers. Whether going by in the pre-winter when the encompassing woodlands are hung in fall shading or amid the spring when wildflowers burst into sprout, the Columbia River Gorge offers staggering vistas in each season.


Wallowa Lake

Situated in the north eastern corner of Oregon, Wallowa Lake is settled inside the taking off Wallowa Mountains, otherwise called “The Little Switzerland of America.” The Wallowas were once home to the Nez Perce Indians until Gold Rush miners drove them out, and the close-by town of Joseph is named after their well known boss. A swimming shoreline, a vessel dispatch and an expansive cluster of lodges and campgrounds make the lake a most loved summer excursion spot for families. Situated close Wallowa Lake is an airborne gondola that guests can ride to the 8,000-foot (2,400 meters) crest of Mount Howard.


Maintained “yah-hots,” the residential community of Yachats is arranged at the foot of the 800 foot (250 meters) high Cape Perpetua on the Northern Oregon Coast. The small town is a prevalent destination for voyagers who need to appreciate the greater part of the untainted excellence that Oregon’s coastline offers, short the group. Rough tidal pools and little pocket shorelines lie simply outside the city’s limits, and guests can regularly spot dark whales swimming near shore in the spring. Inside the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area above Yachats are 26 miles (42 km) of trekking trails and an open camp ground.

Hells Canyon Recreational Area

Situated close to the residential area of Joseph in upper east Oregon, the Hells Canyon Recreational Area outranks the Grand Canyon with regards to profundity. Parts of the gorge encompassing the Snake River are as profound as 8,000 feet (2,400 meters). With few cleared streets driving into the region, most guests select to enter the gorge by plane watercraft, albeit some trails are open with four-wheel-drive vehicles. Visiting the gulch on a white-water pontoon is a well known action. Overnight horseback stumbles into the ravine are accessible too.


Mount Hood

The tallest top in Oregon, Mount Hood is a great deal more than only a dazzling scenery for the city of Portland 60 miles (100 km) away. It’s a travel destination that pulls in guests throughout the entire year. Five downhill ski territories and miles of crosscountry trails keep the slants of Mount Hood stuffed amid the winter, and summer snowfall draws in guests to Mount Hood for off-season skiing also. For experienced mountain climbers, moving to the summit of Mount Hood is another mainstream movement. The memorable Timberline Lodge, which was utilized for outside shots as a part of the film “The Shining,” offers awesome perspectives of the Southern Cascades.