Best Museums You Should Visit in New York

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is among the most effective museums in New York for an excellent range of reasons. First of all, the museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the noted American designer. Since the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum represents the art works of the noted artists of the twentieth and twenty first centuries, it’s conjointly one of the world’s most fascinating museums worth visiting. There are many excellent works of the foremost necessary Expressionists, the exciting surrealist collection of Kandinsky, and many contemporary artists that are extremely popular these days.


New Museum

I don’t realize you, however the name of this museum is too simple and weird for me. Though this museum is super fascinating. The New museum is fascinating on varied levels, as well as its wonderful construction. The museum exhibits impressive items of modern art from nice artists from everywhere the globe. The New museum offers its guests a beautiful chance to require in exhibits and artists from Chile to China and far beyond. Again, if you are planning to visit this NYC museum, be sure to have plenty of free time.

Frick Collection

One of my favourite NYC museums that I believe eveyone ought to visit is that the Frick Collection. This museum is so unique and fascinating that it’s recognized throughout the USA and also the entire world. high quality collection of the old master paintings, Oriental rugs, awe-inspiring French furniture, mysterious sculptures, and lots of different fantastic items similarly as unique artifacts. One in all the most effective things about the Frick Collection is that you just will watch several fascinating films that detail the museum, its contents, and also the collector himself. Sometimes there are concerts of relaxing, classical music and you can often enjoy new exhibitions.

Museum of Arts and Design

Located in the heart of Manhattan on Columbus Circle, the museum of Arts and Design is certainly price visiting. The museum represents a number of the foremost unique collections of crafts by an oversized varyof nice artists of America. It conjointly boasts exciting exhibits from totally different parts of the world. You’ll have the chance to see the close relationship between differing kinds of designs and also the ways in which they represent numerous art aspects. No matter what your preferences and tastes are, you will certainly find something for yourself.

Antico Caffe Greco

There are many desirable museums in New York and that they are all unique and fascinating in their own ways. Though you don’t like going to museums, consider visiting one of these seven museums and you’ll change your mind. These seven museums are versatile and that they have something about each genre, the varieties of exhibits they like. You’ll learn something about each genre, each artist and every movement, and you will see that visiting museums is not a boring activity at all. Do you enjoy visiting museums? What’s your favorite NYC museum? Share your thoughts in the comments section, please.

Wildlife Holidays to Make Your Mouth Water

If you have never experienced the thrill of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat than you are missing out. Make this year the year that you travel into the wild and view these animals as they were meant to be seen. Be sure to take you camera and take some fabulous shots of these creatures that will make your friends drool with envy.


It is a totally unique experience to see elks and beavers in Sweden. Travel to the forests of Dalsland and take a guided tour where you can learn something about these magnificent creatures and spot them in their natural habitat. The elk (known as a moose in North America) is a magnificent creature and to see one in its natural environment is a truly magical experience. Watch the busy beavers build dams, cut down trees, and play in the water.


Experience the thrill of a safari in Zambia. There are nine national parks and they are all pretty far apart but you can travel easily between them by private plane. You can take guided walking tours, go for nighttime drives, and see animals like leopard, impala, giraffes, and lions in their natural environment. No trip to Zambia is complete without a trip to the world famous Victoria Falls. This massive waterfall has a height of 108 metres and it is located on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Sri LankaHumpback_stellwagen_edit

Take a trip to Mirissa, Sri Lanka to experience the thrill of whale watching in Sri Lanka, a great summer sun destination. Keep your eyes peeled and you may spot Fin Whales,Bryde’s Whales, Sperm Whales,Killer Whales or Even Blue Whales. The Blue Whale is the largest creature known to man and although its population is increasing it is still on the endangered list. The boat ride can be pretty bumpy in the open water so if you experience motion sickness be sure to take medication before heading out. The season is from November to April so be sure to travel during these months.


Travel to Churchill, Canada to see polar bears in the wild. You can ride out on the tundra in a truck that has been customized for viewing the bears. The wheels alone are 5.5 feet tall so you can watch the bears in safety as these majestic creatures move around. Canada is a great country to visit, VIA Rail has trains that go to Churchill from Winnipeg or you can fly there as well. Fall is the best time for viewing and you will probably be able to catch a glimpse of the stunning northern lights as well.


Visit Victoria, Australia to see Platypus in the wild. The Platypus looks a bit like a cross between an otter and a duck and this egg-laying mammal can only be found in eastern Australia. You can travel by canoe to catch a glimpse of these adorable creatures in their natural habitat of rivers, lakes, and streams.These unique animals are quite elusive but if you are patient and quiet you may get to see one.

Marvelous Mountains to Explore in Europe

Europe is one of the most diverse continents with so many wonderful cultures, exciting landscapes, amazing cities, historical structures and endless opportunities for adventures. A great number of snow-capped mountainsare another important feature of Europe. In fact, there are plenty of mountains in Europe that are worth exploring. Here are five of the most popular and most beautiful mountains in Europe that you must explore if you consider yourself to be a mountain lover and avid traveler:

The MatterhornMatterhorn_by_Juan_Rubiano

The Matterhorn, located in Zermatt, boasts the most scenicmountain views in Europe. It is known for its steep summit and is ahypnotic pyramid of a mountain. The summit of the mountain is 4478m high, making it one of the highest mountain summits in the Alps. You can find so many wonderful luxury resorts around Zermatt. Walking and ski runs are the most popular activities amongst tourists visiting Zermatt. May to Mid-October is regarded as the best time to behold thebeauties of Matterhorn.

The Troodos Mountains

Stretching across most of the western side of Cyprus, Troodos is the largest mountain range in the county with Mount Olympushaving the highest summit of 1,952 meters. The Troodos Mountains boasts a number of wonderful mountain resorts, Byzantine churches and monasteries, stunning valleys and picturesque mountain villages. The views of the Mediterranean along with the Troodos Mountains’ scenic landscapes will ensure you love every second of your holiday in Cyprus.

mother with kids looking at scenic view in Dubrovnik, Croatia

mother with kids looking at scenic view in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Pyrenees Mountains

Extending for about 491km from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees Mountains forms a natural border between France and Spain. The mountains boast of a diverse collection of flora and fauna, some remote glacial lakes and streams, small and beautiful rivers creating around three-dozen wonderful valleys and the Romanesque art in a thousand hermitages.

The Dolomites

Located in the Southeast Italy, the Dolomites mountain range is also known as the Pale Mountains. It is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for skiing in the winter months, hiking, mountain climbing and mountain biking, and also for BASE jumping. During the summer Italy is a perfect luxury villa destination, it is perfect for adventurers looking for activities such as paragliding and hang gliding as well. Marmolada is the highest peak in the Dolomites mountain range. You will love both the views of the mountains and taking part in a great number of sports and activities around the mountains.

Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc, meaning White Mountain, is the highest mountain in the Alps with the highest peak in Europe outside Caucasus range. It lies in the mountain range called the Graian Alps between Haute-Savoie, France and Aosta Valley, Italy. The Mont Blanc massif is popular for snowboarding, skiing, hiking and mountaineering. A cable car ride around the mountains will be an experience of your lifetime.
Every year, these marvelous mountains attract thousands of adventure loving travelers from around the world. If you are someone who loves to behold these mountains are the perfect places to explore in Europe.

6 Great Places for a UK Family Holiday

A family holiday is just the best way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It allows you to strengthen the family bond. The UK is always one of the top travel destinations in the world with so many exciting things to do for family vacationers. If you are planning your next holiday in the UK, consider one or more of the following 6 places perfect for a family holiday:

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a wonderful family holiday destination characterized by rickety almshouses, atmospheric churches, thatched cottages and glorious villages riddled with gorgeous old mansions of honey-coloured stone. The nature, the architecture and the perfect British feel will ensure you love every second of your stay with your family in the Cotswolds. Some of the most popular things to do in the Cotswolds for family holidaymakers includeswalking, cycling, fishing, garden hopping and sailing.



Yorkshire is always a wonderful bet for family holiday. It’s got a breathtaking coastline, brilliant national parks, peaks, Dales and Moors that have inspired many artists and novelists over the years. With plenty of beautiful parks, a family-friendly beach, penny arcades, and a sea life centre, Scarborough is perhaps the best place to explore for families with young kids. The Alphamare Water Park is Scarborough’s newest addition for family vacationers.


It’s so very difficult to decide what not to do while on a luxury family holiday in Devon. There are cobbled streets of Clovelly, the vast expanse of Exmoor and stunning beaches of Ilfracombe and Woolacombe to explore. The beaches are full of wonderful fish and chip shops, small beautiful resorts but not much crowded. Cream teas are served almost everywhere in Devon.


A UK family holiday won’t be complete if you miss out Cornwall. Cornwall boasts of attractions like Lands End, the Eden Project, St Michael’s Mount, The Minack open-air theatre and stunning family friendly beaches on a breathtaking coastline. Cornwall is a foodies’ paradise with a great reputation for ice cream, pasties, and cream teas.

The Lake District

The Lake District is home to the UK’s largest national park, Cairngorms. So exploring the Cairngorms National Park can be an experience of lifetime. Popular attractions include Beatrix Potter’s home in Ambleside, a steamer cruise along Ullswater, and the Grizedale sculpture trail. If you love to take part in adventure activities, you can go climbing, mountain biking, walking, canoeing and kayaking. If you love food, you will love the Kendal Mint Cakesold in the Lake District.

Scottish Highlands, Aviemore


There is no shortage of wonderful things to do when you tour Britain, especially when you tour the Scottish Highlands. The outdoor adventure park allows you to go gorge walking, kayaking, clay pigeon-shooting, archery, wall climbing, and quad biking. There are miles and miles of beautiful trails, an indoor ‘fun house’, grass sledging and fishing, which makesAviemore a perfect destination for a family holiday.

Moving to Australia as a Family – Tips for a Smooth Relocation

If you are moving to Australia with your family, this will be a very new and exciting adventure. You’ll have a chance to start a new life in a beautiful country that offers sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, wide open spaces, plenty of job opportunities and a fun and laid back lifestyle. There are Australian visas for UK Citizens available that will allow you to live and work there and a company such as the Emigration Group can help you arrange them.


However, moving countries with your family isn’t always easy. Moving can be one of the most psychologically difficult life events, as it involves a major change in environment, a sense of loss of your old home and a period of adjustment to life in your new home. Moving can cause apprehension, anxiety, depression, stress and much more – so it is important to work through this together so that you can adjust to the move as a family.

If you haven’t seen the Oscar award winning film Inside Out, check it out. It’s an excellent depiction of the complex emotional reaction that a child will have to moving to a new place and it’s very helpful for understanding how to support your child in this experience.

As well as this, here are some tips that you can keep in mind if you are moving to Australia as a family:

Let Your Kids Be Involved in the Move

Your kids will feel a little bit better about the move if they can have some sort of control or choice in the matter, so try to involve them in any aspect that you can. They will feel less like it is happening to them and more like it is something they are a part of. For example, you can let them help you look for a house or choose which school they want to go to. They can start researching things to do the city you are moving to and you can plan a fun day out together. This will help them to feel like they are part of the process and give them something to visualize and look forward to.

Communicate With Each Other

It is very important that you check in with each other on a regular basis to make sure that you are all on the same page. Ask your kids how they are doing and really listen to the answer. Let them feel like they can share their worries or concerns and don’t just dismiss these worries or brush them away. Talk about how you are feeling too, so that they know that they are not alone in their struggles and that you are all going through this together. A little bit of listening and empathy goes a long way.


Create New Routines and Traditions

When you arrive in your new home in Australia, everything will be a little bit strange and unfamiliar to you. However, you can make it a little more comfortable by establishing some new routines and traditions. You can find your new favourite pizza place to take the kids to on a Friday after school, or a local park where you can take the dog for a walk every morning. When it comes to birthdays, Christmases and other special events you can establish new traditions that will make these days special.

Stay Connected with Friends and Family Back Home

When your family arrives in Australia everything will be new and exciting and you will be making lots of friends and connections there. However, it’s also very important to stay connected with your relatives and friends back home. Arrange for a Skype chat and send regular update emails. Facebook can be a great tool to see what people are up to at home and share your updates. Of course, you still want to be making new friends in Australia but it’s also crucial to keep your older contacts established. You might even be able to arrange for them to come visit you in your new home!

These are just a few of the ways that you can make a move to Australia go more smoothly for your family, so that you will all adjust more easily to your new home.

Must-Have Devices for a Long Dog-Walk

Easter is just around the corner, which is great news for dog walkers. The British countryside is bursting with picturesque, enthralling walks which will be enjoyed tremendously by both dogs and their masters. This is all the more so when the weather’s clear and the sun is shining – as it increasingly is.


One of the crowning virtues of walking, as a pastime, is that it’s inexpensive. You needn’t invest heavily in specialist gear in order to get the best out of it – and, if you’re the owner of a dog, it should be something you’re already doing. That said, there are few items which will make life easier. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


If you’re going to be walking your dog outdoors, then you’ll need a means of restraining them. This means comes in the form of a lead. While we’ve all got some variety of lead, it must be said that some are a great deal more effective than others.

Invest in a quality lead. If you’ve got yourself a big, powerful dog, then you’ll need an accordingly powerful lead – preferably one that ends in a jacket, which spreads the force of your tugs over the dog’s upper body, rather than concentrating it around their neck.

Many dogs are well-behaved enough to get by without a lead most of the time. But remember that you’re going to be walking through unfamiliar territory; if something unexpected happens – like another, possibly less-well-behaved, dog appears – you’ll want to be able to control the situation.

Furthermore, there are some situations where having your dog on a lead is a legal requirement. Many public footpaths will take your through farmland where livestock might be kept. You’ve no way of anticipating what the reaction of a herd of sheep might be to your dog. If a dog gives chase to a sheep, then the resulting stress can be lethal. In such a situation, a farmer may be legally entitled to shoot your dog – so be sensible and keep your dog on a lead when you’re walking it through farmland.



While your dog might be able to get by barefoot, humans are not quite so fortunate. If you’re to go for a long walk, you’ll need some suitable footwear. This means a rugged, substantial boot that’s able to support your feet.
If you go for cheaper boots, you’ll likely have to contend with severe discomfort after less than an hour’s walking. Moreover, you’ll be less prepared for muddy, slippery surfaces that you might encounter in cold weather. Save yourself a great deal of hassle, and make your walks a great deal more pleasant, by investing in the right footwear.

Dog Jacket

Breeds of dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some, like the Samoyed, have thick fur coats which allow them to navigate Siberian snowdrifts with ease. Unfortunately, many breeds are not blessed with long fur – and these breeds will suffer more when exposed to frosty conditions.

If you’re the owner of a short-haired dog, then you might consider investing in a suitable jacket. They’re available in a range of different styles and sizes, and may make the difference for your dog on those frosty winter mornings.

Boot protector

Taking a dog for a walk in the countryside is a worthwhile and rewarding thing to do. But there are some practical drawbacks involved. For one thing, the countryside is full of dirt: mud, dead leaves and rotting, foul-smelling matter-of-indeterminate-origin will prove fascinating to many breeds. If you’re the owner of a hunting dog, like a terrier, then you’ll likely find yourself waiting for them to finish rummaging beneath random bushes in search of interesting smells to sniff.

All of this is wonderful fun from the dog’s perspective. But for us humans, it’s not so wonderful, since the end result will be a filthy dog. And if you’re planning to drive your dog back to civilisation, the result will surely be a filthy car, too.

Avoid this problem with the aid of a boot protector. This is a protective covering which slots neatly into your boot, shielding it against stray dog hairs, muddy paw prints and saliva. A car is a considerable investment, and warrants protection – and a boot protector is an excellent means of offering such protection.

But not all boot protectors are created equal. Cheaper ones will provide an imperfect fit, offering many gaps through which dirt can pass. Invariably, the most effective boot liners are those which are created specifically with a given model of car in mind. These will provide a tailored fit that will ensure maximum protection for your vehicle. Hatchbag car boot covers fall into this latter category – whether you’re looking for a Mercedes, BMW or Audi Boot liner, they’ll be able to cater to your needs.

How to Make Your Conference More Engaging

When your attendees pay money to attend your conference, they want much more than to be lectured at and shown slide presentations for several hours. They want to be involved, ask questions, have a discussion and learn something that they couldn’t learn any other way. To make your conference more successful, it all comes down to interactivity. The more engaged your conference guests are, the more fun they will have, the more they will learn and the more successful the conference will be.


So how can you get your conference attendees more involved and make the conference at Carden Park in Cheshire more engaging? Here are some great ideas that will inspire you when you are planning your next conference:

Set Up Crowd Polling Apps

It is possible to set up real time polling apps into your conference content, thanks to plenty of clever phone applications. This will encourage guests to share their opinion and give you valuable information about where your guests stand on certain issues. The results of the polls can even be displayed on large screens so that everyone can see them. Of course, in order to make this possible you will need to choose a conference venue with the right technology so that this type of set up will be possible.

Start a Vendor Scavenger Hunt

Does your event have a large exhibit hall filled with vendors? Set up a scavenger hunt that involves getting a clue from each of the vendors. This will be a fun game for the attendees and it will also encourage them to engage with the vendors. You can even offer a prize for the team or individual who completes the scavenger hunt first.

Other Offsite Events

You might want to consider offering offsite events after the conference in order to keep your attendees engaged in the evenings rather than simply having them retreat to their hotel rooms. For example, you could offer a walking tour of the city, a happy hour at a local bar, a sporting event or a private cocktail party. These types of events will encourage interaction between conference attendees and will make the event more memorable.

Collect Questions Using Social Media

Create a hashtag on Twitter and use it to collect questions for your speaker. This is a great way to engage your conference attendees and facilitate their discussions with speakers. You can have a moderator who will monitor the hashtag and select the best questions to pose to the speaker. This way your attendees will feel more like they are part of the conference and that their questions and opinions are being heard.


Set Up a Comfortable Social Chill Out Area

Is there a comfortable place where your conference attendees can sit between the events – an environment that is set up to encourage them to chat to each other? Even if it is just a few couches with a coffee station and free WiFi, a chill out zone is a great addition to any conference. Your attendees will be likely to sit there for a while and conversations will naturally start. They can discuss the speakers they saw that day and the ideas that they found interesting. You might even want to set up a few interactive games such as Scrabble or Chess that your attendees can play when they are enjoying their down time.

Set Up Contests

Another great way to engage your conference attendees is to set up contests. For example, everyone who tweets a certain hashtag is entered to win a prize. Or, let all guests vote on the best Instagram photo taken at the event. Make sure the prize is something enticing that your conference attendees will really be interested in, so that they will be eager to take part.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make your conference more engaging when you are setting up an event. The more engaging your conference is, the more your guests will learn and the more fun they will have. They will find the event at your conference venue in Cheshire more memorable, they will be more likely to come back and they will lively recommend the event to their friends and colleagues. It’s simple – an interactive conference is a more successful conference.

Team Building Exercises

If you’re looking to foster some office harmony, and give the members of your business something to focus their efforts on, then a team building exercise might be just the thing. Let’s take a look at some of the activities you might consider for your workforce!



If you’re going to try and encourage people to work together, it’s almost always useful to give them an incentive to do so. And what better incentive can there be than the sight of some other department of your business – or another business – crushed and humiliated?

Often, a workforce that’s too relaxed and friendly with itself will benefit from a little bit of adversity and competition. That’s where a competitive wargame can come in. By working together to defeat another team, your workforce will need to forge the bonds of co-operation in the heat and pressure of armed combat! But, happily, they’ll be able to do so without risking life and limb.


Does your workforce work as a single, harmonious whole, or is it rather a collection of individuals working toward their own ends? If your answer leans toward the latter, then it might be time that you fostered a little more co-operative spirit – and that’s where singing can be very helpful.

The skills that you might learn from listened and harmonising with other people are applicable in a wide range of workplace scenarios. That’s why workplace choirs are becoming more and more popular – in part thanks to the success of Gareth Malone’s series of sonorous television programmes.


No matter how dreadful or amazing at singing you are, you’ll be able to blend your voice in with those of your colleagues. This is an exercise that will help transform a discordant mess into something pleasant and consonant!


Cooking is an incredibly popular and useful pastime and life skill. Thousands of hours of television on the topic are broadcast and enjoyed every week, and miles of shelf-space across the country is consumed by cookery books. But however much we might aspire to gastronomic greatness, there’s no substitute for real, hands-on instruction. And that’s where a cookery class or two can come in handy.

If your workforce has shown an interest in the kitchen, then getting them into the same room to cook something new is a worthwhile activity. It’ll put them into competition with one another, to be sure. But perhaps more importantly, it’ll teach them a life skill that will keep them healthy, and save them money that might otherwise be spent on takeaway and restaurants. What’s more, cookery can be fun, too!

Charity Walking

If your workplace environment is a little on the sedentary side, then encouraging physical activity is a hugely useful thing to do. Getting those office workers out of their seats and moving will make them healthier, and consequently happier and more productive. And there are few physical activities easier to get on board with than walking. After all, walking is something that we’ve all been doing every day since we first managed to put one foot of the other.

Walking exercises come in many different forms. Some require more planning and preparation than others. You might organise a charity hike, perhaps in an exotic foreign land. A charity challenge abroad will have the benefit of giving your workforce something to work towards, which will give them an incentive to train for it. Moreover, it’s an excuse to venture somewhere unusual and break the office routine apart a little. You’ll be raising money for a good cause, too!

Another form of walking exercise is more economical. Divide your workforce into teams and issue them all with pedometers. Whichever team takes the most steps in a given space of time (say, a month or so) will be declared the winner. You might even have a leader-board in the office, displaying which member of staff is making the greatest contribution.

Charity Bike Ride

If your workforce are all keen cyclists, then you might consider upping the ante a little further. Team charity events like a lengthy bike ride demand not only physical effort and mental robustness – they require people who can work together, too. When one member of the team starts to waver, it will be down to the other members to offer support and encouragement. This team dynamic is even more important during a bike ride, as riders will be able to gain a significant advantage from riding within one another’s slipstream. When the team finally crosses that finish line, they’ll be more together than ever before – and they’ll be more effective in the workplace for it!

Stay Cool And Refreshed On Your Dubai Vacation

It is time to beat the heat. What better way to compliment an exotic vacation to Dubai than with a refreshing activity or two? This city is known for its large population, incredible cityscape, and luxurious surroundings. Not to mention the scorching temperatures. It has a tropical desert climate with hot and humid summers. That can be a lot to handle. Even for the most well versed traveller. (Especially if you are not used to desert climates.) Don’t worry! These tips will keep you cool day after Dubai day.Stay Cool And Refreshed On Your Dubai Vacation

Stay Cool By Visiting a Water Park. The sun is beating down on you. The temperatures are climbing minute by minute. It can feel overwhelming. And sometimes? That extreme heat can actually affect your overall experience in the city. You never want to leave with unhappy memories. So find unique ways to cool off. The best option? Visit a water park. One fantastic example is Wild Wadi Water Park. This outdoor attraction boasts a wave pool, water slides, surfing machines, and more. There is so much to do! That’s right. The water park in Dubai is great fun. Whether you are travelling with family or are visiting Dubai with friends…. this activity is sure to make a splash!


Stay Cool By Starting Your Day a Little Earlier. You want to see and do as much as possible during your vacation. So try to start your days a little easier. If you want to take a walk around the city or go on a tour of a particular area? Schedule it for morning. Leaving between 7 and 8 am will give you several hours of attraction time. Before the sun really starts to beat down on the city. Heading out before those peak temperatures hit will make everything you do seem more enjoyable.

Stay Cool By Going On a Shopping Excursion. There are many ways to enjoy a Dubai vacation. Like shopping, for instance. The city has a number of indoor shopping malls to enjoy. The best part? They are all air-conditioned. That makes them a great option for mid-afternoon. You can check out local shops, find some special souvenirs, and give yourself a break from the sunshine. The amount of time you spend at the mall is totally up to you. Make an afternoon of it or pop in for twenty minutes just to cool off. Any time you have the chance to step into an air-conditioned spot…. you should!Stay Cool And Refreshed On Your Dubai Vacation 2

Stay Cool By Enjoying Some Spicy Cuisine. One of the best things about a fabulous getaway? All of the delicious food. There is something thrilling about trying out different restaurants, indulging in local dishes, and challenging your taste buds. During your Dubai trip? Don’t be afraid to order something spicy. There is a good reason for this. Studies have shown that when you eat spicy food your circulation increases. That causes you to perspire more, which cools the body down as a result. That means a delicious meal now will leave you feeling cool and comfortable later on in the day. Not a bad trade off.

What are the Highest Paid Jobs in Australia?

Moving to Australia from the UK offers a lot of advantages – a more laid back lifestyle, a better climate, gorgeous sunny beaches and (depending on your industry) better job opportunities. In some sectors in Australia there are a lot of opportunities and you have the potential to make a great wage in your career when you are emigrating to Australia from the UK.


So what are the highest paying jobs in the Australian working sector? Let’s take a look at which jobs command a great rate of pay:


These important healthcare professionals earn an average of $124 per hour and have an average salary of $122, 085 Australian dollars per year. They earn this much because of their considerable amount of experience. Surgeons and anaesthetists usually earn 2-3 times more than general practitioners. Other professionals in the healthcare industry, such as opthalmologists and dermatologists, earn around $70 Australian per hour.


Dental practitioners in Australia are another one of the highest paid jobs in Australia. They usually get around $68 per hour and they are usually self-employed, so they can arrange their own working hours in order to suit their patients. Usually a typical dentist in Australia will earn around $93,711 per year.


Oil and Gas Engineers

Another highly ranking job on the list of best paying Australian careers is Oil and Gas engineering. This industry includes project engineers, petroleum geologists, petroleum engineers, power plant operators and others. These professions will usually pay around $63 Australian per hour and there is a lot of demand for them. If you work within the oil and gas sector and you are moving to Australia, you will find a lot of great opportunities for high paying work here.

Legal Jobs

If you have legal experience and you want to work in Australia as a lawyer, barrister, solicitor or attorney there will be many great and lucrative opportunities for you there. The salaries in this sector are quite high and most barristers will usually get around $62 per hour. Of course, you will need to make sure that your legal qualifications match up with the appropriate qualifications in Australia so that you are able to practice there.

Banking and Financial Services

This is another sector in which the wages in Australia are quite high. There are many opportunities in this sector, including customer service, banking, sales positions and financial advisors. The salaries within the financial services sector start at around $74,000 per year but the exact rate depends on the position.

University Lecturers

Another one of the highest paying positions in Australia is in the job of university lecturer, which will earn you an average of $57.60 per hour. Usually on average you can expect to earn $82,300 per year, which is a very good wage in Australia and will afford you with a high standard of living. Unfortunately, there is not much opportunity for the salary to change after years of experience.

Air Transport Professionals

If you are flying as a commercial pilot or other air transport professional you can earn a potential salary of between $36-$120,000 per year. You will need to pass a series of examinations and clock at least 200 hours of flying experience, which will earn you your Commercial Pilots Licence.

Building and Engineering Technicians

Occupations within the building and engineering industry earn $55.70 per hour, which makes these jobs some of the highest paying in Australia. They include materials technicians, maintenance planners, building technicians and many other jobs. Typically, the role of the building technician is to provide technical assistance to architects, surveyors and engineers. If you have experience within this industry it can be a great way to earn a very good living when you move abroad to Australia.

These are just a few of the best paying jobs in Australia – is your career on the list? If you have skills or qualifications in these areas you will have a great potential when emigrating to Australia to enjoy a high quality of life and a very healthy salary. With a strong economy and plenty of job prospects in these areas, Australia just might be the ticket for a bright future for you!