Being Perky in Jersey

Owing to its scenic beauty, beautiful hills and expansive beaches, Jersey promises you a holiday that will be etched in your memories. Read on to know how you can spend your next holiday in Jersey.

Jersey isn’t new to travel or TV enthusiasts. There’s Jersey shore and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. You are familiar with the place and these series have helped envision a fairly accurate picture of what Jersey should be like, before you even set out to spend your next holiday in Jersey.

Local History

Jersey offers you a rich history to explore. Visiting the war tunnels will give you a unique experience. They were built by slave labour when the Germans occupied Jersey in World War 2. The entire complex, called Hohlgangsanlag, 8 took three and a half years to build.

At present, the tunnels exhibit a collection memorabilia depicting the history of life on the island through first person accounts. There is a very popular sculpture titles “Silence”. It was created by Paul de Mnchaux and is often noted as the identity of these tunnels.


No holiday is complete without retail therapy. You can let loose and splash out with a great selection of store to browse through. You’ll find both high end stores and small local shops to choose from. Fish n beads is quite a unique place to visit as it specializes in funky jewellery and driftwood art. It’s located just outside St. Helier store and is run by a local artist.

The Beaches

Jersey beaches are quite popular and have been showcased in Hollywood movies endless times. There is a wide collection to choose from. Beauport Bay is quite nice yet isn’t too crowded. This south facing beach lies at the foot of three cliffs, sheltering it from the winds. To top it all, the sand look like a golden desert, making it a ideal for sunbathing.

If you are a lover of huge crowds, St. Brelade’s Bay will appeal to you more. It is more crowded than the other beaches as there are some really adventurous water sports that one can try out. Paddle boarding, beach volleyball, traditional pedalos: There’s everything on the table.

Sun, surf and sand. Shopping, frolick and nightlife. Jersey has everything for the modern traveller who is looking for an escape from their mundane routine. In case you have had enough of the coast, you can head to the neolithic tombs and castles.

Jersey is well structured, keeping everyone’s travel convenience in mind. There are green lanes with restricted traffic for walkers and cyclists. Valleys are lush and leafy with wide pastures and beautiful cows, reminding you of peaceful backwaters.

To appease your tastebuds, Jersey will offer you freshly caught seafood within a high-end self catering complex.

So go, head out for an adventure. Spend your next holiday in Jersey to experience the essence of British and French cultures in style.